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New software and modernisation of OMEGA seed drills

The universal OMEGA OO seed drills are very popular on different markets. The series of structural designs directly influence the quality crop establishment, such as the drill coulter parallelogram or the pressurized hopper configuration. The OMEGA OO offers the widest optional equipment on the market with the individual working sections or their configuration. BEDNAR offers two OMEGA model series. The single-chamber OMEGA OO_L with a working span of 3 to 9 m and the double-chamber OMEGA OO_FL with a span of 4 to 9 metres.

“For 2023, we equipped the OMEGA OO_L and OO_FL machines with our own new control software. I believe that the new functions the software offers will make the OMEGA machines even more popular with customers. In addition to the new software, we also worked on some individual modifications with the aim to increase the quality of work and make operation simpler,” Jan Bednář, the Sales Director, describes the development.

What Is the New Software Bringing?

  • A new design of the user interface with various well-arranged and easily recognizable icons = the basic operating screen is a signpost transparently displaying the machine configuration.
  • Integration of the ALFA DRILL unit into the control software of the seed drill (controlling the ALFA DRILL unit is included in one operating terminal) = it is no longer necessary to use another terminal for controlling the ALFA DRILL unit as in the previous versions.
  • Simplified calibration process with the option to use data from the seed library = using the saved values of seeds that have already been calibrated from the seed library simplifies the next calibration steps (the seeding amount can be set in kg/ha or number of plants per m2)
  • Flow sensor support for the ALFA DRILL unit = the sensors can be switched on and off individually according to the requirements
  • Setting the direction of the material to be distributed (seeds, fertilizer, catch crop) into the drill coulters or fertilization coulters in cases where the machine has the corresponding equipment (such as FERTI coulters).
  • Support for the precision farming function:
    – Section control = the automatic activation or deactivation of half of the machine working span is the main advantage of the system.
    – Variable Rate Control based on prescription maps for variable crop establishment.

Important Design Changes for Machine Users

The seed drill has also been modified with individual changes that increase the quality of work and make its operation easier. These include:

  • A new design of the hopper screens = the screen is deeper and makes hopper filling more comfortable without any lost seeds.
  • Steps inside the hopper = can be used, for example, for quality cleaning of the hopper interior after the season.
  • An external sensor for checking the pressure in the hopper = a higher assurance and simple check of the proper function of the pressurized system.
  • New position of the scales = it is no longer suspended on the bag handle at the opening for calibration but in its vicinity.

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