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Innovative technology

“We are a professional partner and advisor to farmers, and we bring new technological solutions to your business.”

We Think, Develop and Innovate

There is no time for complacency in any industry, and the same applies to agriculture. Continuous improvement of well-established technological procedures in the field of soil cultivation and seeding, and finding new methods of management is one of the ways to be better in your business than your neighbour.

Agriculture has long ceased to be just about preparing a seedbed and establishing crop, applying chemical protection, harvesting the crop, and doing it all over again. Just like any other industries, agriculture has also been going through massive digitalization and automation of individual processes. We need to respond flexibly to such a change and manufacture machines that transfer real-time data on the seeded amounts, variably applied fertilizer quantity, or information on soil cultivation depth in the individual parts of the field to the agronomist’s office by pressing a single button.

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Many Years of Experience in Deep Soil Cultivation

We are distinguished specialists in the field of deep soil cultivation. We have been promoting this solution for many years, and we have been testing its positive effect on soil fertility and the yield in the grown crops in cooperation with scientific organizations and leading agricultural businesses.

Together with deep loosening, we are also intensely studying the method of profile fertilization, based on precise, and often variable application of attractive fertilizers into the soil environment, in relation to the soil maps, either on the whole area, or into the processed strips of soil under the plant roots.

We are facing many challenges in the development of machines for mechanical elimination and treatment of vegetation, namely in response to the legislative changes in handling chemical plant protection products.

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