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High productivity

“We are a leader in the field with more than twenty years of experience in the development and production of wide machines for soil cultivation and seeding.”

It all started in 2003

We have become a valid leader in the field of development and production of wide machines as a manufacturer of agricultural equipment. It all started in 2003 with the design of a seedbed cultivator prototype, 56 feet wide, for one of our important customers – ROSTĚNICE, a.s.

In the course of our existence, we have gradually achieved the set objective, and we are now able to offer an integrated technological line to progressive and dynamically developing farms and agricultural holdings, from crop management, through cultivation and seedbed preparation, to final seeding.

SWIFTER SM Wide Compactor

High Machine Output, Productivity and Robustness

We have to be flexible in our response to the market requirements with continuously increasing towing vehicle power, sudden weather changes, and decreasing time frame for soil cultivation and crop establishment, in combination with reduced numbers of workers in agriculture.

Therefore, we put emphasis on easy application and high labour productivity when developing and designing wide machines. The high quality and robustness of our machines enables farmers to achieve enormous daily outputs with minimum demands on maintenance, thanks to the application of maintenance-free systems. Such technical designs let you reduce your costs of regular servicing, and productively utelising your time and machine where it is needed – in the field.

High Machine Throughputs, Productivity and Robustness

Wide Machines Meeting EU Standards

Even though we are a global manufacturer and our wide machines are most frequently used in Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Kazakhstan, and South Africa, all our wide machines meet the strict operating conditions of the European Union, even the ones with the maximum width of 60.4 feet.

The machines do not exceed the permitted transport width of three metres, and the height is not more than four metres, according to the equipment. We have achieved a high level of safety, also during transport, thanks to the innovative method of folding forward towards the drawbar.

Wide Machines Meeting EU Standards
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