One of the main threats for entrepreneurs in agriculture is the loss of workforce willing to work in the agricultural operation. Not only is there  a lack of interest of people, but also when they do want to work, the costs of labour have been increasing enormously.

Therefore, Bednar has always focused on the development and production of machines that economise labour maximally. They are maximally productive.

For a long time, we have been providing farmers with wide machines that are able to process large areas in minimum time at maximum quality.

We design such machines with consideration to minimum requirements on regular service activities, we strive to optimize all tasks that precede the deployment of the machines, thus contributing to a productive use of the working hours and minimizing the costs to farmers.

Atlas AE

All wide machines are designed with regard to trouble-free operation on roads at a maximum transport width of 3 metres and a height of 4 metres. Changing the machines from the transport to the work position is a matter of  moments  thanks to the sophisticated control systems.

We are all aware that the pressure on entrepreneurs in agriculture is enormous and if the acquired technologies and machines can relieve this pressure at least partially, it is encouraging for us to be useful in this way.