Innovations and innovated technological procedures move our business forward.

At present, agriculture uses procedures that were used a hundred years ago. It is not due to the fact that there is not a more modern solution. It is largely due to the fact that the time-tested procedures are passed on from generation to generation and farmers are traditionally very conservative.

However, the external conditions for agricultural business evolve and they are now significantly different to the conditions of a hundred years ago. Lately, we have been going through a period characterised with a starting climate change. Other negative aspects include the high cost of human labour and the low level of willingness to work in agriculture.

It is especially due to the last two reasons we should innovate the established technological procedures; to use such machines that will work with soil moisture effectively, innovate the usual technological procedures in soil cultivation and seeding, and apply such modern and advanced technologies that people in the 21st century will be willing to work with.

Together with its customers, renowned development workplaces and universities, the BEDNAR Company has been developing and verifying new innovative technologies that have all the preconditions to answer the questions and challenges that farmers all around the globe are facing.

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