At present, a manufacturer of agricultural machinery has to supply machines to the market that are easy to operate by farmers and their staff, in addition to the agronomic added value, innovative technology and high productivity.

We develop and deliver only such technology where the main replaceable parameters can be set easily and comfortably, and where regular maintenance tasks do not place high demands on the qualification and time of the staff.

We are a leading company in the application of maintenance-free solutions – both for bearings and other components of the agricultural machines.

Easy operation of the machine is also related to the electrical and hydraulic system of setting working depth and the automated system of folding and unfolding the machine into the working or transportation position.

As one of the first ones, we provide control of hinged machines using the ISOBUS standard with the Load Sensing system, where potential operator’s errors are completely eliminated. This procedure is very important especially for wide machines with high labour productivity, and we are one of the few manufacturers that produce such machines.

Easy operation