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Easy operation

“We focus on easy machine control and intuitive operation, and it is something to be considered as early as an idea of a newly developed machine crosses our mind.”

Maintenance-free Systems, Easy Control

Just like in everyday life, when driving a car, shopping, working, or doing any routine, we also require a high level of simplicity and automation of routine activities. It goes double when talking about the control of agricultural machines. When thinking about the development of a new machine, we put emphasis on user-friendly control and easy operation.

You will only find minimum lubrication points that require everyday service on BEDNAR machines. For many years, we have been using high-quality and well-established technical designs of maintenance-free systems in the form of bearings, as well as other structural parts of the machine. The application of such maintenance-free systems reduces the time you need for machine maintenance, and the resulting savings in the costs of spare parts.

Bezúdržbové systémy, snadné ovládání

Own Control Systems

We also emphasize easy operation when developing our own control systems. The BEDNAR EasyControl software was developed and tailored to the needs of each machine, and unlike universal systems, it fully enables use the machine to its maximum potential.

We paid attention to the customer’s needs in machine control when developing the software. The BEDNAR EasyControl software brings intuitive control with a modern graphic design; the software is compatible with the ISO BUS system and it enables the machine to work in precision farming systems.

Vlastní řídící systémy

A leader in LOAD-SENSING machine control

We were among the first to introduce the LOAD-SENSING control of mounted machines via ISOBUS. This option completely eliminates any errors in the machine settings, because all the steps are completely automated. Easy machine operation is also related to the electrohydraulic working depth setting system and the automated system of folding and unfolding the machine into the working or transport position.

SWIFTERDISC XE_PROFI disc cultivator
První v ovládání strojů pomocí LOAD-SENSINGU
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