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Agronomic know-how

“We are farmers who respect the tradition of farming, and we respond to modern agricultural trends and procedures.”

Equal Partnership

Agriculture is rightly considered to be one of the most useful industries in the world. It has been linked to the production of nutrition for people from the earliest times. Life on earth would not exist without agriculture. We are proud to be standing on your side, honouring the tradition of farming.

Farmers to farmers. That is how we define our relationship to you. We do not approach you as a customer who demands a machine from our company, a manufacturer of agricultural technology. We are closely connected to agriculture, and we discuss the requirements of machine design and equipment with farmers from all over the world before we start developing one.

Our DNA is in every BEDNAR machine. It allows us to call ourselves an innovative manufacturer of agricultural technology who develops and manufactures modern agricultural machines for soil cultivation and seeding, with an added value for the end user.

Meziřádkovým kypřením proti plevelné řepě

We move your business forward

Agriculture may seem to be a highly conservative field, but the opposite is true. No year in agriculture is the same as the previous one – there are differences in precipitation, crop diseases and pests, yield value or situation on the commodity market.

To be able to help farmers keep the fast pace of their business, we need to respond flexibly to modern agricultural trends and above all to be their initiator. Whether you buy a highly universal seed drill designed for establishing up to three crops or a machine for inter-row loosening with targeted fertilisation you always get a machine with a high added value and the potential to move your business forward.

Seeding and Fertilisation
We move your business forward
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