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Krabčice Farm Bet on SWIFTERDISC XO_F

Last year, the Krabčice Farm became a new owner of a new SWIFTERDISC XO 5000F cultivator. We went to see Mr. Beran, the farm owner, to find out why they chose a BEDNAR machine.

Mr. Beran by the new SWIFTERDISC XO 5000F they purchased this year

Mr. Beran by the new SWIFTERDISC XO 5000F they purchased this year

Tradition of Family Farming and Sustainable Approach to the Countryside

“The farming tradition has been kept in our family for a long time, about two hundred years. In the 1990s, my parents grew hops on about 100 hectares. Since 2014, the Krabčice Farm has been gradually expanding; today, we manage 230 hectares, out of which 187 hectares are arable soil and the rest is meadows,” Mr. Beran, the owner, introduces the company.

The farm manages fertile soils, mostly brown. They mostly grow malt barley with an average yield of 8.8 t/ha, wheat with a yield of 7 t/h and less usual crops, such as mustard or peas. Mr. Beran strives to farm with a positive approach to the countryside. He founds nectariferous organic strips in the fields and plants new tree avenues. “We strive to farm sustainably and differently. We also produce honey and mustard products that people can buy from us,” Mr. Beran adds.

The farm applies a combination of tillage and no-tillage technology. The fields are tilled with a plough every other year and only for selected crops.


“We have recently invested into purchasing new technology. Among other things, we also needed a new disc cultivator. We tried machines by various manufacturers, including German ones. From BEDNAR, we tried ATLAS AO_PROFI and SWIFTERDISC XO_F. In the end, we decided to purchase the XO_F machine with a span of 5 metres which is sufficient for our tractor and in our conditions. Compared to the demonstration machine we had borrowed; the new machine is configured according to our needs. We chose standard serrated discs and the rear V-RING packer. The quality of work and the machine configuration are comparable with machines by German manufacturers. BEDNAR also won some extra points by providing financing that our dealer offered,” Mr. Bednar summarizes the reasons for purchasing a BEDNAR machine.

It’s a joy to farm with us
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