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Fast Spare Parts Deliveries Despite Difficult Times

The current situation in the supplies of components from manufacturers for the production as well as expendable parts has negatively affected all industries. We know that it is important to get in the field at the right time in agriculture. And to do the job well, you need to have the required expendables installed on your machine. Despite the complicated situation, we keep our commitments and deliver spare parts to our customers by the set deadlines.

Storage Capacity Expansion

The central spare parts warehouse of BEDNAR FMT is located in Kostelec nad Orlicí, near the Company’s production plant. The warehouse has covered halls where expendable parts are stored and adjacent outdoor areas where larger material, such as packers, are stored. We are planning to continue increasing the storage capacity this year as the production portfolio expands and the demand for storing higher quantities of parts increases. For example, the central warehouse distributed over one million items in 2021.

Real Time Shipment Tracking

This year, we implemented automatic shipping of the carrier’s tracking link to improve our services. You can easily track your spare parts shipment in real time to see when it will be delivered. We ship almost 65% of consignments on the second day after the order is placed.

Expansion of the LONG-LIFE Expendables Portfolio

We are gradually expanding our LONG-LIFE expendables portfolio. They are parts with carbide plates that make chisels, wings, rods and tips more durable. The LONG-LIFE expendables substantially reduce the costs of such parts and they also reduce the time spent replacing the individual parts thanks to their longer service life and higher durability. This year, we introduced new LONG-LIFE chisels (40 and 50 mm) with a pocket for TERRALAND TN, TN_PROFI and TO. The special pocket-chisel configuration speeds up chisel exchange and the pocket also protects the tine tip from abrasion. The LONG-LIFE portfolio has also been expanded to the VERSATILL VO_PROFI machines, including the 200mm shares or 40mm chisels.

To see the complete offer of expendable parts, visit the new web presentation platform: Spare parts configurator

Original spare parts are always the best for the best quality of work! Purchasing an original spare part gives you a guarantee of product compatibility, quality of work and durability. Remember that any potential issues can be prevented with diligent pre-season and post-season machine inspection that helps you determine the condition of the individual expendable parts.

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