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BEDNAR introduces new models of universal cultivators, VERSATILL VO_L and FENIX FN

BEDNAR is presenting a brand new model series of the universal VERSATILL cultivators in the upcoming year. They are two semi-mounted models of the VERSATILL VO_L series with a working width of 5,8 and 7.5 metres. BEDNAR is introducing a new generation of the FENIX FN mounted cultivators in the segment of universal cultivators for deep soil cultivation.

VERSATILL VO_L – Universal Cultivators with a Working Width of 5,8 and 7,5 m

VERSATILL generally means a universal soil cultivator. The cultivators are suitable for shallow stubble cultivation after harvest, seedbed cultivation as well as quick crop residue management, namely mechanical elimination of unwanted seeds, weeds and catch crop. VERSATILL VO_L is a five-row cultivator with a high frame clearance and 17 cm spacing between tines.

The standard equipment of the individual VERSATILL VO_L models includes Hercules spring tines. The tines are suitable for lighter soil types and primary use in seedbed preparation. For a universal use throughout the year, including shallow stubble cultivation, we recommend fitting the cultivator with reinforced, double-spring Hercules tines.

The tines can be equipped with 60 mm double-sided chisels, 50 mm LONG LIFE chisels or sharess with a width of 200 mm. The share is suitable for mechanical weeding, unwanted seeds or seedbed cultivation. The 60 mm chisel and the 200 mm share are available in the popular LONG LIFE version with carbide points, which significantly increase the lifespan of the consumable part.

A Wide Range of Optional Equipment

For intense crop residue processing, namely sunflower or winter rapeseed, we recommend adding the Trash Cutter cutting roller to VERSATILL VO_L. We recommend using the hydraulically adjustable Crushbar levelling bar in the front of the machine for seedbed cultivation.

VERSATILL VO_L can also be modified, as required, for the performed operations by selecting the working parts as well as the rear equipment. In this case, it is the rear double U-RING packer (500 mm) / V-RING (530 mm) packer or the three-row harrow with a hydraulic or mechanical setting of the rod angle.

FENIX FN – New Generation of Mounted Cultivators

FENIX FN is a universal cultivator that offers a wide range of applications throughout the year. The new generation of FENIX FN machines is bringing a rigid frame design and a new type of robust NON-STOP horizontal spring protection, first used in the FENIX FO_PROFI semi-mounted cultivators. The mounted FENIX FN cultivator will first be manufactured with the working span of 3 and 3.5 metres. The series will be gradually expanded with models with the working span of 4 and 5 metres.

The FENIX FN cultivator is designed as three-row with tine spacing of 31 centimetres. The distance of tines in the row is 93 cm. This arrangement brings an excellent loosening and mixing effect because the soil is undercut along the entire machine width with subsequent crop residue mixing. The tines have spring protection against overload. The horizontal protection protects tines from overload with maintenance-free, double-spring NON-STOP system. The springs are preloaded to the maximum release force of 480 kg and maximum lift height of 22 cm in case the tine hits an obstacle.

LONG LIFE Parts Guarantee Quality and Long Service Life

FENIX FN can be equipped with four types of chisels and three types of wings, which let you adjust the machine for deep loosening or stubble ploughing after harvest. Besides the standard 60 and 80 mm chisels, there are also highly resistant 40 and 80 mm LONG LIFE chisels available.

Easy Setting as Standard

The standard equipment of the new generation of FENIX FN includes hydraulic working depth control. The setting of the levelling section is also easy and it can be equipped with levelling rods or discs. The individual segments of the levelling section do not need to be set separately. The levelling section is automatically adjustable according to the working depth with the option of additional mechanical setting of the levelling section.

FENIX FN offers rear packers with a diameter from 470/370 mm to 630 mm. The machine can be equipped with SPRING, U-RING, V-RING packer or the tube packer, or a double-roller (a combination of the tube and slatted packer).

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