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Versatility is in its blood: VERSATILL VN_L, the all-in-one solution for efficient agriculture

The VERSATILL VN_L mounted cultivator is a light universal cultivator designed for seedbed cultivation and shallow stubble cultivation after harvest, particularly in lighter soils. With its modular working sections, it can be adjusted to match different soil condition and required work. Its compact dimensions and convenient weight make it possible to be aggregated with small tractors, starting with 100 horsepower.

The VERSATILL VN_L is very efficient for seedbed preparation …

The VERSATILL VN_L is very efficient for seedbed preparation …

… but also, for shallow stubble cultivation after harvest

… but also, for shallow stubble cultivation after harvest

Front equipment:

Crushbar: hydraulically-controlled levelling for seedbed preparation

One of the key advantages of the VERSATILL VN_L is its hydraulically-controlled Crushbar, which ensures precise levelling during seedbed preparation. This equipment is especially designed for spring cultivation, where minimal tillage is desired to preserve winter moisture. The Crushbar effectively levels the surface and breaks rough furrows before the tines section, resulting in a well-prepared seedbed with improved soil warmth and moisture retention.

Tine section:

Two types of tines for the different soil conditions

The VERSATILL VN_L mounted cultivator is equipped with the “Standard” tines (vibration, single-spring tines), very suitable for lighter types of soil. However, in heavier soils and a frequent use of the machine for shallow cultivation of up to 10 cm, we recommend opting the Hercules tines (reinforced, two-spring vibration tines). These reinforced tines ensure an enhanced durability and better performances in challenging soil conditions.

Rear equipment:

A roller or a straw harrow for different uses

VERSATILL VN_L can be fitted with one of the four types of rear rollers. These rollers are especially suitable for spring cultivation, to enhance soil compaction and to retain moisture. Four types of rollers are available to match a whole range of soil condition and to provide flexibility to the farmer.

The mounted cultivator can also be equipped with support wheels and a three-row straw harrow, especially designed to improve shallow stubble breaking after harvest.

Support wheels increase the stability and improve depth control during the cultivation process.

In addition, the three-row straw harrow break and distribute crop residues, facilitating their decomposition and incorporation into the soil, creating optimal conditions for the future crop.

Fertilisation set:

A fertilizer set is also available on the VERSATILL VN_L offering an efficient and precise fertilisation during the working process. Granulated fertilisers are mixed with the soil during tillage, for a healthy growth of the crop. This kit is a great solution for modern and sustainable agriculture, allowing farmers to achieve better yield while reducing the use of fertilisers.

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