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Farmers and Business Partners Visited the BEDNAR Production Plant

We are glad we could start the BEDNAR Factory Tour again for our customers and business partners last year after a long break and all the restrictions. We welcomed the first large group of dealers during the BEDNAR pre-season event last summer and then had at least one visit a week in the Czech Republic after the SIMA Fair.

A visit to AGROTREND Hrušky with the customers of Novocommerce International Ltd., our Croatian dealer

Mager & Wedemeyer customers visited Rychnov nad Kněžnou

Customers Appreciate Production Plant Tours

The guided tours of the production plant where customers can see the individual steps in the machine production are especially interesting for BEDNAR machine owners. We are pleased that the customers appreciate the modern production plant, overall cleanliness and production organization. On the other hand, prospective customers have an opportunity to see the entire production process before purchasing a new BEDNAR machine and to make sure that the money they will invest into a new machine guarantees quality.

A group of French dealers from TERREA SAS and CASA SERVICE MACHINE

A visit by the Lithuanian team from UAB “Agrokoncerno technika” who received the award of “The Best Marketing Dealer” and “The Best Dealer of SWIFTERDISC XE_PROFI” in 2021/2022

A large group of customers of our Romanian importer, IPSO Agricultură

Customers from Hungary invited by our importer, AGRI CS Magyarország, to visit AGRO Slatiny

All BEDNAR factory tours start in the presentation room where the guests can learn about the history of BEDNAR and read some interesting things about the production. This is followed by a short presentation of the major milestones, the product portfolio and interesting facts from the BEDNAR world.

Foreign Visitors Are Interested in Czech Agriculture

The BEDNAR Factory Tour opens an opportunity to foreign customers and business partners to learn about Czech agriculture and to see machines that are not represented on their markets yet. Therefore, we also visit domestic agricultural businesses that use BEDNAR soil cultivation and seeding technology.

BEDNAR machines are also popular with British customers

A Factory Tour for the AGRICAM team, an Italian BEDNAR distributor

We are also pleased with the visits by Czech customers of STROM Praha…

…Hundreds of them have recently visited Rychnov.

We would like to thank our customers and business partners for their time. We hope to see you there next time!

It’s a joy to farm with us
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