BEDNAR FMT completed the latest phase of the production plant construction in Rychnov nad Kněžnou in 2015.

The Company filled up the newly created capacity in two years and so a new project for further extension of assembly capacity and plant modernisation was assigned at the beginning of 2018. However, it was necessary to build a new storage hall with a higher capacity for storing machine components due to the increasing demand and production in 2017 and then to expand the parking area in 2018 to satisfy the increasing demand on short-term storage of completed machines, designated for dispatch. During 2018, the construction of the new dispatch hall and the connection of the production plant to the main road was commenced due to the continuously increasing demands on fast product dispatch.


Production is a live process that requires to continuously respond to any unexpected situations incurred and to the needs of the Company. One of such needs was launching production in the BEDNAR FMT DoudlebynadOrlicí plant at the end of 2017, which was primarily used for service and development purposes after the main plant in RychnovnadKněžnou was built. Thanks to the investments, the Company managed to reconstruct and equip one of the halls originally designed for storage and thus expand the number of assembly stations. The DoudlebyCentre continues to provide the development and service activity and it is also responsible for a part of the production (small series) transferred from the RychnovnadKněžnou production plant.

Since we are aware that it is the customer who enables us to develop and manufacture agricultural machines, we have not only been investing into expanding the capacity for machine production, but also into customer care – such as spare parts deliveries. BEDNAR FMT increases investments into the spare parts inventory on a yearly basis. In mid-2018, it became necessary to completely separate the spare parts department and enable its further development due to the growing demands for storing spare parts and the ongoing construction of new halls in the main plant. Therefore, BEDNAR FMT established its third centre in KostelecnadOrlicí, used as a central spare parts warehouse. The convenient location (accessibility to the main plant as well as major roads) and more than sufficient storage capacity will ensure better passage and availability of spare parts for the customers.


In 2019, we are planning to commence as well as complete the aforementioned projects that are currently being prepared and I believe that they will significantly move us forward, giving us new possibilities, experience and also a commitment to do our best.

BEDNAR FMT Production Manager

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