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Satisfaction Led to Purchasing New BEDNAR Machines

In spring, we visited ZP Hvězdlice, a joint-stock company, where they decided to purchase two new BEDNAR machines last year: the SWIFTERDISC XO_F cultivator and the SWIFTER SE seedbed cultivator. We asked Mr. František Veselý, the chief agronomist, why they chose BEDNAR.

Last year, they purchased the SWIFTERDISC XO 8000 F cultivator…

…as well as the wide-span SWIFTER SE 10000 seedbed cultivator.

Prior Experience with Wide-span BEDNAR Machines

The agricultural company manages 1,170 hectares of arable soil. Their seeding plan includes three main crops: winter rapeseed, winter wheat and malting barley. Their soil is very heavy, rocky and in a sloping terrain. That limits cultivation to the maximum depth between 25 and 35 centimetres according to the field. Also, the lack of moisture is another big issue in this area. The average yield of the grown crops depends on the given annual conditions and moisture and it is 3.5 t/ha of winter rapeseed, 6 t/ha of barley and 7–8 t/ha of wheat.

The disc cultivator is equipped with the ALFA DRILL seeding unit for establishing catch crop.

It also has the hydraulically adjustable Crushbar paddle levelling board so that the machine can be used for soil cultivation.

“We originally used a quadtrac tractor for all soil cultivation and heavy field work. We aggregated the following BEDNAR machines to the tractor: TERRALAND TO chisel plough with a width of 6 m, SWIFTERDISC XE cultivator and SWIFTER SE seedbed cultivator with a width of 12 m. Due to a change in the total farmed area, the quadtrac tractor and the other BEDNAR machines were moved to another company with a larger area”, Mr. Veselý, the agronomist, adds.

A Change Led to the Purchase of New BEDNAR Machines

The company replaced the quadtrac tractor with a wheeled tractor with the output of 400 HP. And they needed adequate tools. Since they had been satisfied with the BEDNAR machines, they decided to purchase the SWIFTERDISC XO 8000 F and SWIFTER SE 10000 cultivators.

The SWIFTER SE cultivator is used for precision seedbed cultivation.

Crosskill rollers are suitable for work in rocky soils.

“Our positive experience with BEDNAR technology as well as the favourable price played an important role. Moreover, we had the SWIFTERDISC XO 8000 F cultivator equipped with the BEDNAR ALFA DRILL seeding unit. We establish about 220 hectares of catch crop every year, most frequently a combination of phacelia and buckwheat. We are able to provide stubble cultivation and catch crop establishment in one pass while saving fuel and time for performing the operations. The seedbed cultivator is very popular in our conditions as it provides high-quality cultivation of the field for the seed drill. We chose a machine equipped with the gamma tip section (four rows) and the rear, double crosskill roller that is very convenient for our rocky soils as the side segments are smooth and prevent rocks from getting stuck between the frame and the roller”, Mr. Veselý summarizes the purchases.

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