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New BEDNAR Machines at Zdeněk Široký, Private Farmer

We are always happy to meet customers who rely on the quality of BEDNAR machines. In this case, it applies threefold. This year we visited Mr. Zdeněk Široký, a private farmer who uses three yellow machines – OMEGA OO 6000L, SWIFTER SO 6000F and FENIX FN 3000L.

SWIFTER SO_F as the First Machine

Zdeněk Široký has been involved in farming since 1992. He manages an area of 240 hectares of arable land and he alternates crops in his seeding plan such as winter wheat, malting barley, winter rapeseed or triticale. Mr. Široký uses a combined soil cultivation technology in his fields; a part of the land is tilled and a part is processed with a universal cultivator.

“The first machine I purchased from BEDNAR was the SWIFTER SO 6000F seedbed cultivator. I chose the machine based on a demonstration and completely configured it according to my requirements. For example, I chose the rear double-row crosskill roller with a diameter of 440 mm, which offers the option to set the distance between the first and second row of rollers because the fields here are very rocky and the wide tyres that keep the machine more stable during transport,” Mr. Široký adds.

The first BEDNAR machine Mr. Široký purchased was SWIFTER SO_F

The cultivator is aggregated with a JOHN DEERE tractor with an output of 143 HP

The cultivator is equipped with other common configuration such as the front Crushbar leveller, the hydraulically adjustable drawbar or 270-mm sweeps.

What OMEGA Offers as Standard Comes with an Extra Charge from Competitors

We are glad that Mr. Široký also bought a BEDNAR seed drill based on his satisfaction with the cultivator and, above all, thanks to the good cooperation with the sales representative. “I owned a seed drill from a different manufacturer with a working span of 3 metres. When I started thinking about purchasing a new seed drill, I tested a machine from a foreign manufacturer and a BEDNAR machine. I knew I wanted a seed drill with a span of 6 metres because I wanted to build a line with the same working span. Moreover, I do most of the work on my own so mastering the individual operations in a short time is important to me. I liked the OMEGA and so I decided to buy it and once again, I purchased all the accessories and optional equipment that I will use,” Mr. Široký comments on his selection.

The OMEGA seed drill is equipped with two distribution heads and with the option to switch off a half of the span

The equipment also includes the front, hydraulically controlled Crushbar for perfect levelling

Mr. Široký chose the OMEGA OO 6000L seed drill equipped with the front Crushbar leveller and hydraulic setting of the seeding depth, drill coulter down pressure or disc working section control. The seed drill is also equipped with seed flow sensors or electronic deactivation of half of the working span.

“I like, for example, the seed calibration system in the OMEGA seed drill when calibration is done in the rear and so there is no need for some complicated calibration below the seeding mechanism of the hopper. I also like the large diameter of the rubber-tyred packer that my previous seed drill also had. The parallelogram for drill coulters has its advantages. You can see that the crop is evenly established and emerges evenly,” Mr. Široký adds to his first impressions of the operation.

It’s a joy to farm with us.
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