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STRIEGEL-PRO PN: More Than an Ordinary Straw Harrow!

BEDNAR has been selling the STRIEGEL-PRO straw harrow, originally designed as a machine for crop residue management, for a long time. Many customers may think that this is a single-purpose machine that can only be used during summer. The current change in agricultural technology, legislation, increase in the prices of fertilizers as well as the gradual climate change show that farmers use these machines for a broad range of operations during the year.

STRIEGEL-PRO is most frequently used for even distribution of crop residue after harvest…

…but it can also be used for mechanical weeding, soil preparation or additional grass seeding in combination with the front hopper.

Front Equipment Options

The optional front equipment includes, for example, the hydraulically adjustable Crushbar leveller, the specially shaped cutting TURBO coulters or the Trash Cutter roller, and so the STRIEGEL-PRO straw harrow can be equipped according to the specific needs of the customer and the anticipated use.

Crushbar leveller

Specially shaped TURBO coulters

Trash Cutter roller

This year, we had the opportunity to take photos of the DEMO set in action that demonstrates its universal use for customers. The set consists of the JOHN DEERE 6R 185 tractor with the rated horsepower of 185 HP, with the multi-functional BEDNAR FERTI-BOX FB 2000F hopper aggregated to the front three-point hitch (capacity of 1.900 l) and the STRIEGEL-PRO PN 9000 straw harrow (working span of 9 m) in the rear arms.

1. Early Spring Use in Combination with the Crushbar

STRIEGEL PRO PN is ideal for very early spring soil cultivation in combination with the Crushbar leveller for opening, levelling and warming up topsoil. The absence of rear rollers makes it possible to enter the field quite early on and accelerate soil maturing for spring crop seeding. If the conditions in the field do not require the use of the leveller, it can be deactivated, thus saving fuel costs.

2. Mechanical Weeding and Supplementary Fertilization in One Pass

During spring, the STRIEGEL-PRO straw harrow is increasingly frequently used in the winter crop vegetation where it aerates soil after the winter, disrupts the soil crust, promotes tillering and provides mechanical weeding. An interesting thing is that in combination with the front FERTI-BOX FB_F and with the supplementary fertilization set, the straw harrow can apply fertilizer based on pre-created prescribed maps in one pass. The fertilizer incorporated in the soil is better accessible by the plant and nutrients are not lost in the air.

3. Grass Over-seeding Using TURBO Coulters

To achieve a good yield and quality crop composition in meadows and pastures, mechanical treatment is required. It can be done either in the autumn or before vegetation starts to grow in the spring. In this case, the STRIEGEL-PRO PN straw harrow can be used to eliminate old growth, moss and to aerate soil, which has a positive effect on faster development and tillering. You can also use the TURBO coulters for grass over-seeding together with the mechanical treatment. The TURBO coulters disrupt the grass turf and creates a thin layer of soil, into which the grass seeds are incorporated.

The practical experience implies that the STRIEGEL-PRO PN straw harrow in combination with the tractor with a power of 185 HP can work with an approximate consumption of 2.4 l/ha and an output of 12.5 ha/h. All of that at high working speeds of up to 15 km/h according to the conditions. The aggressiveness of the rods can be comfortably set hydraulically from the tractor cabin. If interested in more information, have a look at the product introduction under Straw Harrow.

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