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ROW-MASTER RN 6400 Working in Agricultural Services

With the current rapid increase in the cost of mineral fertilizers, one of the ways to minimize the costs is to use, for example digestate from biogas stations. We found an interesting set of one of the large service providers in this area working with their new machines: the ROW-MASTER RN 6400 cultivator in aggregation with a self-propelled manure applicator, HOLMER Terra Variant 585.

The high frame clearance of 80 cm allows for weeding in the later growth stage when corn is already tall

ROW-MASTER RN 6400 in aggregation with the self-propelled HOLMER Terra Variant 585 manure applicator

Agroslužby Žďár nad Sázavou is a company that offers agricultural services (liquid manure and digestate application, crop protection, liming, bagging, grain crushing and harvest), sells fertilizers and provides consultations. This year, they are putting the new ROW-MASTER RN 6400 to work.

A Special at the Customer’s Request

“We decided to buy the weeder based on a requirement of our customers to incorporate liquid manure in corn rows. We have used a strip-till machine to do that. But it is not a standard weeder. We found a BEDNAR machine we liked. The deal was closed successfully also thanks to the accommodating approach of BEDNAR employees regarding the installation of a cutting head and hoses for liquid manure and digestate application, as well as the final tuning of the machine,” says Ing. Filip Petr, the Managing Director of the Company.

The machine operator especially appreciates the automatic machine guidance that facilitates work

ROW-MASTER RN 6400 is equipped with a cutting head and hoses for manure and digestate application at the customer’s request

ROW-MASTER RN 6400 in Aggregation with the HOLMER Applicator

The ROW-MASTER RN 6400 cultivator is aggregated with the self-propelled HOLMER Terra Variant 585 applicator riding on cultivation wheels so that the spacing falls in-between the corn rows. The daily output of the set is about 25-30 ha/day at the batch of 25 m3/ha when conditions are optimal. The set has an average consumption of 0.35 L/m3 (8.05 L/ha). The operator praises the CultiCam automatic guidance system that is highly precise, facilitates work and increases the efficiency of the full set.

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