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Record-breaking 2017 BEDNAR Field Day

The large portfolio of agricultural technology and an interesting programme accompanied by pleasant weather brought an unbelievable 2,098 visitors from all over the world to Městec Králové. Over five hours, BEDNAR FMT presented the new products and innovations of 2017 to the visitors and showed most of its portfolio, including active machine demonstrations. The event was organised on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the Company, under the auspices of Marian Jurečka, the Minister of Agriculture of the Czech Republic.

Facilities at 2017 BEDNAR Field Day near Městec Králové, visited by 2,098 people

BEDNAR presented 28 machines

As the event presenter aptly pointed out, the “landlord” Jiří Sobota, Chairman of the Board of ZS Sloveč, was the first one to take the floor, thanking BEDNAR for their excellent cooperation. “I have the honour of working with successful people who have built a company with global reach in twenty years. I am proud that the development and testing of global brand machines started here, in Sloveč,” he said at the beginning with reference to the official place of business of the Company, located 5km northeast of the venue.

Fortune Favours the Prepared

Ladislav Bednář confirmed in his presentation that organising the Field Day is a risk. “We have beautiful sunny weather today but only a few hours ago, yesterday evening, we were worried about being able to demonstrate our machines,” he says. Last night, 16mm of precipitation fell in the field, and the precipitation was 50mm only a few kilometres south. But fortune favours the prepared, and the Field Day organisers were definitely prepared. Mr. Bednář then thanked BEDNAR customers for their trust. “The Field Day is an opportunity to meet all of you and to thank you for the deals we have done with you. And to those who are considering our machines, we are happy to demonstrate them and also to show our brand new models as well,” Ladislav Bednář added.

Presentation of the owner of the Company, Ladislav Bednář

The event was organised under the auspices of the Minister of Agriculture, Marian Jurečka

Delivering BEDNAR Machines to Distinguished Customers

The morning programme also included a delivery of BEDNAR machines to honourable customers. BEDNAR FMT gave a key on a plaque to the following companies:

Ladislav Bednář personally delivered BEDNAR machines to honourable customers

The new generation of the OMEGA OO_L seed drill

Latest BEDNAR Products and Innovations Presented at 2017 Field Day

  • The main field with machines on display was divided into individual plots by crops and operations. The visitors noticed the new generation of OMEGA seed drill right by the entrance, presented in the 4-metre version for the first time.
    1. From the new machines, visitors could see the mounted straw harrows: STRIEGEL-PRO 9000 PN. Together with a MULCHER MZ 6000, the harrows were demonstrated in the group of machines for post-harvest residue management. The MULCHER MZ 6000 was equipped with a fan – a solution used for continuous cleaning of the machine.
    2. The SWIFTER SO 6000F compactor was presented with a new front roller for sticky soils and the SWIFTERDISC cultivator was equipped with a front cutting roller for a better high-stubble cutting effect.
    3. In the morning,a FERTI-BOX FB 1500 TN mounted to the Terraland machine premiered at the Field Day. It is designed for smaller farms. The advantage of the hopper is that it can be installed on any type of Terraland TN machine.
    4. During the same demonstration, the visitors watched the complete series of technology for deep cultivation and soil profile fertilisation systems, namely TERRALAND TO 6000 with a hopper on the rear tractor hitch, and the popular version of the front hopper with mounted Terraland TN_Profi chisel plough with spiked rollers.
    5. Then, OMEGA OO_L seed drills, 6-metre and 3-metre versions, were demonstrated. These are new products with a polyethylene hopper, “X”-shaped working disc sections, and smaller discs (460mm) than the previous OO models (520mm). The OMEGA OO_L seed drills are lighter, keep track behind the tractor better and provide ideal seedbed preparation for sowing.

Demonstration of STRIEGEL-PRO 9000 PN together with MULCHER MZ 6000

SWIFTERDISC XO 6000F with a front cutting roller



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