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Once again, the BEDNAR FMT Company is organizing the largest field day in the Czech Republic. The seventh year of the popular gathering of agricultural people will take place at the ZS Sloveč property on 29 the May 2019, starting at 9:30 a.m. The field day on an area of 5 hectares near Městec Králové will present 30 machines across the BEDNAR production portfolio. In addition to the demonstration of the technological progress of BEDNAR, you can also look forward to John Deere novelties and innovations, with practical demonstrations of innovative and productive working sets in a single place on a single day.


Arrivals of visitors and registration will end at 9:30 when the 2019 BEDNAR Field Day starts officially. Visitors will be welcomed by Ladislav Bednář, the owner of BEDNAR, Jiří Sobota, the general manager of ZS Sloveč a.s., Michal Kalenda, the general manager of STROM Praha a.s., and Miroslav Holub, the sales manager of RENOMIA, a.s. The demonstrations of new machines and innovative technologies by BEDNAR will start at 10:20. The first machines to be introduced will be disc cultivators, namely the SWIFTERDISC XE 12 400 PROFI with a John Deere tractor (hereinafter JD) 9420R, ATLAS AO 6000 PROFI with JD 8320RT, ATLAS AE 12 400 PROFI with JD 9620RX. They will be followed by a 6 row STRIEGEL-PRO PE 12 000 straw harrow fitted with an ALFA DRILL 800 seed unit and JD 9370R. Then an OMEGA OO 6000 FL seed drill fitted with an ALFA DRILL 400 seed unit and JD 6250R will be presented. The last BEDNAR machines to be presented will be machines for strip-till soil cultivation and fertilization. You can look forward to seeing a FERTI-CART FC 3500 in aggregation with a TERRASTRIP ZN 8/75 chisel plough and a FERTI-BOX FB 2000 F together with a STRIP MASTER EN 8/75 cultivator. The introduction of novelties and innovations will be concluded with a front fertilizer hopper, FERTI-BOX FB 2000 F DUAL with a ROW-MASTER RN 9600 cultivator.

This part of the programme provides information about our know-how and precision farming. In cooperation with STROM Praha a.s., our General Partner, we have prepared information about planting catch crop and variable seeding using procedure maps, strip cultures and moisture preservation, anti-erosion measures, passive guiding, high output at low pulling force and more. The introduction of the novelties will be immediately followed with commented demonstrations of BEDNAR machines with John Deere tractors that will work in a demonstration field on the premises of the BEDNAR Field Day, starting at 11:30. The following machines will be presented: disc cultivators – ATLAS AE 12 400 PROFI with JD 9620RX, ATLAS AO 6000 PROFI with JD 8320RT, SWIFTERDISC XE 12 400 with JD 9420, and the VERSATILL VO 7500 PROFI universal cultivator with JD 8345R ZD. Furthermore, you can look forward to seeing strip-till cultivation with reserve fertilization, namely a FERTI-CART FC 3500 with TERRASTRIP ZN 8/75 and JD 8400R, mounted front FERTI-BOX FB 2000 F with a STRIP MASTER EN 8/75 cultivator and JD 6215R. They will be followed with a combined TERRALAND DO 6500 chisel plough and JD 9620RX, a STRIEGEL-PRO PE 12 000 straw harrow with ALFA DRILL 800 and John Deere 8370R tractor, and a SWIFTER SE 16 000 seedbed cultivator with JD 9570RT. The commented demonstrations will be concluded with BEDNAR seed drills: OMEGA OO 8000 L with JD 8400R and an OMEGA OO 6000 FL with ALFA DRILL 400 and JD 6250R.

You will have the opportunity to see about 30 BEDNAR machines and 15 John Deere tractors during the field day. Also, our second division, BEDNAR Farm Technology, has prepared regular commented tours of the post-harvest line in cooperation with ZS Sloveč. Furthermore, you can visit the stand of our general partner, STROM Praha, and the prepared GATOR race course, the stand of our major partner, RENOMIA AGRO, and other partners, such as FERTISTAV and KINGSPAN. The national round of driving skills will take place on the premises of ZS Sloveč a.s. You can watch high-school students driving a tractor with a trailer on a prepared track. When the commented demonstrations of BEDNAR machines and John Deere tractors end, there will be time for discussions and customer demonstration rides. The field day will end at 2 p.m. All the stated times are for information only and the organizers reserve the right to change them.

How to get to the BEDNAR Field Day

The Field Day will take place in the Czech Republic, on the premises of ZS Sloveč a.s. near Městec Králové, located about 75 km east of Prague, in the district of Nymburk in the Central Bohemian Region. The coordinates of the Field Day venue are: 50.198533, 15.297387. You can get to the 2019 BEDNAR Field Day by car from Prague or Hradec Králové on Highway D11, taking Exit 50 to Městec Králové and Žehuň. Then continue along Road No. 328 to the venue. You can also come from the direction of Jičín following Road No. 32 taking a turn on to Road No. 3245 at Dymokury towards Městec Králové. If coming from Brno along D1, the best option is to leave the D1 highway at Exit No. 112 and continue along Road No. 38 towards Havlíčkův Brod, Čáslav and Kolín. Then, take a turn on to Road No. 125 and drive through Kolín towards Ovčáry, where you get on Road No. 328 towards Žehuň and Městec Králové, all the way to the venue.

If you would like to use public transport, we recommend checking your connections on where you can easily find the best connection from your location.

Save Time with Registration and Get a Gift

BEDNAR FMT has prepared a special website for those interested in the BEDNAR Field Day where you can register for the event. Everyone who uses the registration option will receive a gift at the admissions to the field day venue, in addition to saving time filling in information and registering on the site. Do not hesitate and visit the special website at On-line registration is easy. It will take you about 30 seconds; registration on site will take much longer. What information do you need for on-line registration? Only three pieces. Just fill in your name, surname and e-mail. That’s it.

Ing. Zdeněk Souhrada, BEDNAR FMT s.r.o. [email protected] Marketingový specialista


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