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BEDNAR Presents the Novelties for 2019

BEDNAR presents the novelties in its machine portfolio. In 2019, a total of 7 machines will be introduced to the market, from soil cultivators to seed drills and fertilisation machines

ATLAS AO_PROFI disc cultivator for precise soil cultivation

The new ATLAS AO_PROFI disc cultivator will please even the most demanding customers with its design and controls. The hydraulic regulation of the main working parts is a must these days but ATLAS AO_PROFI is equipped with electrohydraulic regulation, which is a new dimension in the comfort of controlling BEDNAR FMT machines. In addition to easy depth setting of the disc section, the new machine control system also provides a lot of other auxiliary functions, such as step recess of the working depth of discs to overcome elevation and returning to the original working depth, correction of disc wear and other. The machine is equipped with single-disc units with a diameter of 620 mm and thickness of 6 mm, arranged in the shape of an X. This system of disc arrangement provides direct machine guidance in the tractor axis. Each disc unit is equipped with a spring-loaded auto-reset system, which ensures quality work even in rocky soils.

The ATLAS AO_PROFI disc cultivator allows the prospective customers choosing between standard and aggressive discs, which can be used up to a depth of 16 cm. The integrated axle improves the manoeuvrability of the machine when taking turns. The integrated axle will be appreciated by all those who struggle with accessing their fields. The offset mounting of the rear packers provides higher stability of the machine during work. The customers who started growing oilseed rape, corn, sunflower and other similar crops will appreciate the option of adding the Trash Cutter to the machine, along the entire working width of the machine. It is also possible to choose double supporting wheels, ensuring side frame stability.

The ATLAS AO_PROFI disc cultivator incorporates a large quantity of corn crop residue

The new Bednar machine, ATLAS AO_PROFI performs stubble cultivation at 16 cm in a stubble field

The design of the disc cultivator makes it suitable for use in both minimising and conventional soil cultivation technologies. BEDNAR FMT currently offers ATLAS AO_PROFI in two working widths: 5 and 6 metres.

The wide ATLAS AE_PROFI disc cultivator for enormous daily outputs

The heavy and wide ATLAS AE_PROFI disc cultivator was first introduced at the international AGRITECHNICA fair in 2017. After the challenging tests, this machine concept is now being introduced to the market. A great advantage of this machine is the simple and comfortable electrohydraulic control of all functions directly from the tractor cabin, which especially the operators will appreciate. To connect the machine to the tractor, you only need three hoses for the Load Sensing hydraulic tractor output. The machine control is compatible with standard ISOBUS.

You no longer need to think about the folding or unfolding procedure as this process is now fully automated. The machine operator folds or unfolds the machine by pressing a single button in the ISOBUS terminal in the tractor. All machine parameters can be easily set using the terminal, even when the machine is working. The ATLAS AE_PROFI control system considerably simplifies machine settings in various soil conditions. Besides other functions, there is also the unloading function, which temporarily reduces the working depth, e.g. when the tractor output is not enough on a hillside. The machine also supports the ISOBUS Task-Controller, which allows for automatic setting of the working depth based on a prepared map. At the same time, it is possible to save the real working depth of the machine in each part of the cultivated field in the terminal. Thanks to the implementation of the ISOBUS Section-Control function, the machine can automatically lift and lower at headland. The machine terminal also allows for displaying the statistics of worked hours, processed area and performance of the machine.

The wide ATLAS AE_PROFI disc cultivator easily processes a large quantity of crop residue

Thanks to a width of 12 m, ATLAS AE_PROFI provides high daily outputs and is designed for tractors with a pulling power of 500 horses and above

The precise guidance of the machine in the tractor axis is provided by the X-shaped disc arrangement. The machine is equipped with discs with a diameter of 620 mm and a thickness of 6 mm. The single-disc units are equipped with spring-loaded auto-reset system.The working depth of the discs is set against the transport wheels, the supporting wheels, and the rear double rollers, which provide higher stability of the machine. The ATLAS AE_PROFI machine is designed to turn at headlands using the transport axle, double pivoting wheels and rear double rollers. This system reduces the stress in the frames and joints, which increases the service life of the machine. The design of the machine allows for an easy, safe and fast transport on roads within the EU rules. The ATLAS AE_PROFI disc cultivator is designed for large daily outputs and savings in the operating costs, thanks to the large width of the machine and high working speed. It is suitable for performing quality stubble cultivation along the entire width with the option of incorporating a large quantity of crop residue. It is now available in two versions, with working widths of 10 and 12.4 metres.


VERSATILL VO_PROFI is a universal tine cultivator that BEDNAR introduced as a study at the international AGRITECHNICA fair in Hannover, Germany, in 2017.Since then, the machine has gone through extensive testing in various conditions and it is now offered for sale.

The advantages of the machine include the tine arrangement in 5 rows. This arrangement provides perfect overlapping of the shares, which ensures even cut of the soil profile. The machine is distinguished by high throughput of material. Each tine is equipped with horizontal spring-loaded auto-reset system. The integrated axle improves manoeuvrability of the machine when taking turns, reduces the turning radius at headlands, and allows working without rear packers. The universal tine cultivator is suitable for seedbed cultivation in fields with a higher amount of crop residue, or for intense stubble cultivation at 15 cm and below. All of that can be managed also in moist conditions. The universal tine cultivator can be purchased in two working widths – 6 and 7.5 metres.

VERSATILL VO_PROFI allows working without rear packers

The universal cultivator is doing intense stubble cultivation at up to 15 cm – absolutely straight bottom of the soil profile


The new STRIP MASTER EN cultivator by BEDNAR fills in the gap in the portfolio of the BEDNAR machines. The machine was designed on the basis of the requirements of farmers, climatic and legislative changes. It is designed for strip soil cultivation with the option of applying fertiliser at two layers.

The advantage of the machine is the unique working parts that allow for application of both mineral and liquid fertilisers, including barnyard manure or digestate from biogas stations, all at two layers. The working parts include cutters, cleaning discs, shares and rear levelling rollers. The machine is equipped with supporting wheels to maintain a uniform working depth along the entire width of the machine. The STRIP MASTER EN cultivator processes soil in 75 cm (70 cm) strips to a depth of up to 35 cm. The soil is loosened at the required depth along the entire width of the strip and the strip is cleaned of any crop residue. The machine manages to clean the strips from crop residue even in large quantities, such as after corn is harvested. STRIP MASTER is suitable for soil protecting technologies, as prevention against water and wind erosion. The machine is 6 metres wide.

STRIP MASTER EN disturbs the compacted layers and places fertiliser at two layers

The novelty in the BEDNAR portfolio has individual row unit mounted on a parallelogram


The lighter version allowing for drilling various types of crops and applying fertilisers with a large seeding amount variation is a novelty among the BEDNAR seed drills. This seed drill has been tested extensively in various soil conditions throughout 2018.

OMEGA OO_FL seed drills with a width of 4 m are equipped with a hopper with a capacity of 4000 litres; the seed drills with a width of 6 metres have a hopper with a capacity of 5000 litres. The hopper in both versions is a separated pressurised with a capacity ratio of 40:60. The pressurised hoppers provide for precise metering, even in cases of large quantities of fertiliser. A great advantage of the seed drill is maintaining the tractor track thanks to the X-shaped disc section arrangement. The discs have a diameter of 460 mm, which leads to higher circumferential speed that has a positive effect on the quality of seedbed cultivation. Furthermore, the seed drill is equipped with double-disc fertilising coulters, a tyre packer, and double-disc drill coulters mounted on a parallelogram (the PSP system). There is a wide range of additional equipment available for the machine, such as the front packer or the front CRUSHBAR.

The new OMEGA OO_FL seed drill provides the option to place fertiliser in the inter-row between the seeds, or together with the seed

Precise seed placement at an identical depth along the entire width of the machine thanks to the PSP system

The calibration and potential emptying of the hoppers is easy thanks to the location in the rear part of the machine. The seed drill control is simple and intuitive. The metering system is fully electronically controlled and works on the basis of the ISOBUS system, similarly to the previous versions of the OMEGA seed drills. The innovated electronic control system now allows the tractor operator to easily control the machine settings (disc depth, front leveller, rear accessories, depth of seeding, drill coulter pressure). Also, the software now supports the functions of Section-Control (up to two sections) and Multi-Control (variable dispensing from up to two seeding mechanisms).It is possible to select between 12.5 cm and 16.5 cm for the row spacing of the drill coulters. The OMEGA OO_FL seed drill is suitable for seeding both in conventional technologies (tillage) and minimisation systems. The fertiliser can be applied into the inter-row between the seeds, onto the surface, or together with the seeds. The PSP system ensures that the double-disc drill coulters place the seeds at an identical depth along the entire width of the machine and perfectly contours any terrain unevenness in both longitudinal and transverse direction.


ALFA DRILL is another novelty by BEDNAR. It can be installed on various types of machines in the BEDNAR portfolio. It is used for establishing cover crop, grasses, or for all-area fertiliser application. It helps increase the ratio of organic matter and improves soil structure thanks to the use of cover crop.

ALFA DRILL uses the time-tested robust stainless metering system from the OMEGA seed drills, in the dispensing area below the hopper. The advantage of the machine is the simple intuitive control directly from the tractor cabin using the ISOBUS terminal. The seed drill doses material evenly, even in cases of large working widths, thanks to the efficient fan driven by a hydraulic motor. ALFA DRILL is available with a hopper with a capacity of 400 litres and 800 litres.

ALFA DRILL in combination with the STRIEGEL-PRO PE straw harrow manages to seed cover crop or grasses

The ROW-MASTER RN cultivator equipped with ALFA DRILL is establishing catch crop


The front mounted fertiliser hopper, FERTI-BOX FB_F DUAL has a dual-chamber pressurised hopper with a total capacity of 2200 litres in the ratio of 70:30. It has two metering systems with electric drives allowing to change the dispensing amount according to the agronomic need. Dosing is controlled via ISOBUS.

The FERTI-BOX FB_F DUAL hopper is pressurised, which increases the accuracy of the batch, namely in fertilisers that are more demanding on distribution. It is aggregated with a tractor into the front hydraulics. The fertiliser or the seeds are transported pneumatically into another machine behind the tractor, such as TERRALAND TN_PROFI and FENIX FN_L.

Ing. Zdeněk Souhrada, BEDNAR FMT s.r.o. Marketing specialist


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