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“Tradition Is an Obligation When There Is Quality”

When you hear BEDNAR, the first thing that comes to your mind is the SWIFTER seedbed cultivator. The machine is as popular as ever and we are pleased that both current and new customers, replacing their older machines, continue buying it. After 14 years of using one of the SWIFTER machines, AGRA Chválkovice s.r.o. also decided it was time for a new one.

On the right, Lukáš Šnajdr, the machine operator, with Lukáš Dosoudil, the agronomist and the company owner’s son

Establishing Crops with the Use of Traditional Soil Cultivation Technology

AGRA Chválkovice is an agricultural firm that manages an area of 650 hectares of arable soil. About 60 hectares are covered with permanent grassland that the firm uses to produce hay. AGRA Chválkovice only engages in plant production, focusing on winter rapeseed, wheat, spring barley, maize, sugar beet and soya.

“Most of our fields are brown soil types. To cultivate soil in our conditions, we use the time-tested method with a plough, when the field is then rolled over to avoid moisture evaporation and prepared with a cultivator. In the good years, we achieve an average yield of 7.8 t/ha of wheat, 4.2 t/ha of rapeseed and 85 t/ha of beets,” Lukáš Dosoudil, the agronomist, adds.

The main section includes sweeps with a width of 270 mm for quality soil preparation

To ensure better stability during transport, the machine is equipped with wide wheels, 500/50-17, and pneumatic brakes

A Bet on SWIFTER Fourteen Years Ago

AGRO Chválkovice purchased their first SWIFTER machine, sold under STROM Export, fourteen years ago, in 2008. Why did the Dosoudils choose SWIFTER and what changes has Lukáš Dosoudil, the company’s agronomist, noticed in the new machine after fourteen years of production? “We have been absolutely satisfied with the SWIFTER cultivator. We purchased the first one thanks to the fact that it was able to prepare soil for seeding at a high quality. When I compare the old machine with the new one, I have to say that you have tuned the machine to the very last detail and even the minor deficiencies have disappeared. The completely redone and improved frame, a better configuration of the levelling bars in front of the rear rollers, or even such small details as the compression spring on the rear crosskill rollers: all of that is noticeable.”

The front, hydraulically controlled, adjustable Crushbar leveller is a popular piece of equipment for the SWIFTER cultivator

The small diameter of the rear finish roller with of 270 mm and the high circumferential speed contribute to quality crumbling

The Evolution of the Machine Is Noticeable

When compared with the original SWIFTER SO 6000 model, the new SO 6000F is equipped with a front, hydraulically controlled, adjustable Crushbar leveller and with the rear finish roller with a diameter of 270 mm. “Quality soil cultivation is the foundation because we establish crops with a seed drill that does not cultivate soil again. I must say that the SWIFTER can prepare and level the field perfectly. It’s also thanks to the front leveller, the angle of which can be regulated by the operator according to the conditions from the tractor cabin. The rear finish roller completes the work beautifully and crumbles any clods,” Dosoudil summarizes the work of the machine.

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