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This Is an Investment Marathon, Says Jan Bednář, the Sales Director

Last year, BEDNAR FMT registered a growth again in all directions. The Company’s turnover in the 2021/2022 fiscal year increased by more than a billion Czech crowns. The total turnover of 148,024,948 EUR was achieved. In the year-on-year comparison, the Company registered an increase in receipts by 31.1%.

Global Presence Saved Sales Lost Due to War

Last year, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Company’s existence and it had only been sixteen years since we purchased the first hall on the premises of the current production plant. Thanks to the persistent long-term investments into personnel representation, we survived the largest contemporary conflict economically.

Even though financing our employees in the western world has been unprofitable in many cases for several years, we managed to deal with the outage of machines in Russia and Ukraine and accelerate our sales thanks to our employees and dealers in Western Europe. However, it was a difficult year in general.

In 2022, BEDNAR FMT increased the share of sales outside Russia and Ukraine to 90%. The sales in those countries were about 30% in previous years. I am very happy with the new sales distribution that makes BEDNAR much more resistant. Moreover, we have finally got into the black numbers on those markets as well after years of investments.

This is an investment marathon. The most important markets in 2022 in terms of sales were Czech Republic, France, Poland, Italy, Romania, Australia, Lithuania, Denmark or England.

BEDNAR Is a Perspective Employer

Not only the economic indicators grew in BEDNAR. The Company hired new employees at all levels. At the end of the last year, our Company employed 582 employees. As you know, BEDNAR does not only recruit employees in Czechia but the Company also expands on foreign markets where we employ territorial, product, marketing, service managers and specialists.

If you want to succeed in France, England or Denmark, it is not enough to just have great machines or local territorial managers. You need local product managers and marketing experts. The western competition provides all of that in the service packages offered to dealers and customers.

I am glad that we have managed to fulfil our obligations to our partners, customers and employees despite all the pitfalls and problems we had to deal with last year. The fact that we have managed to increase the number of received pre-seasonal orders by 10% is proof of the trust in our Company. We have another year full of challenges ahead of us!

Jan Bednář
Sales Director of BEDNAR FMT
It’s a joy to farm with us.
[email protected]

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