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OMEGA Selected as the New Seed Drill

They bought a farmstead with six hectares of fields and one hectare of forest in the 1990s. In 1993, they managed up to 450 hectares of farmland. We are speaking about the agricultural business that belongs to the Kolář family in Velim near Kolín. We visited Mr. Kolář to find out why he decided to purchase the new BEDNAR OMEGA OO 6000L seed drill.

Mr. Kolář together with his son at the OMEGA OO 6000L seed drill

From Tillage to Gradual Soil Cultivation Minimization

“At present, we manage about 350 hectares, mostly sandy soils to brown earth. We grow wheat, corn, peas and rapeseed. We mostly use the minimization soil cultivation technology but we started with traditional tillage as with most other companies. We used to use a combination of a rotary harrow and a seed drill aggregated to our first tractor a JOHN DEERE 7810. Then, we purchased a seed drill without soil cultivation but it required a high quality seedbed preparation,” Mr. Kolář says.

The seed drill has the option of switching off a half of the span electronically

The Kolář family aggregates OMEGA with JOHN DEERE 8285R

Another Customer to Confirm the Advantages of OMEGA Seed Drills

“When we started choosing the seed drill, we got a list of machines by various manufacturers. We knew we needed a seed drill with a disc section for soil cultivation to manage several operations in one pass. We decided to purchase the OMEGA seed drill, not only thanks to the good references, but also based on the good relations with the dealer who sold us the machine. We have been using the seed drill for two years and we are happy with its operation. We like the extensive equipment that meets our requirements for quality soil cultivation,” Mr. Kolář adds.

Mr. Kolář especially appreciates quality and precise seeding, the large hopper capacity, PROFI coulter section and the comfortable calibration and hopper emptying that the OMEGA OO 6000L seed drill offers. The PROFI coulter section considerably contributes to excellent soil cultivation. The section is hydraulically adjustable and it can be used according to the current soil conditions and the needs of the customer. We are glad that Mr. Kolář has confirmed the advantages of the OMEGA seed drill that most customers appreciate.

It’s a joy to farm with us
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