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JOSKIN DistriTECH Makes Its Partnership with BEDNAR Official

BEDNAR, a Czech manufacturer with a good reputation all over the world, has joined eight other brands represented by JOSKIN DistriTECH to serve the needs of Belgian farmers.

BEDNAR was founded by Mr. Ladislav Bednář in 1997 and the Company currently offers more than 40 models of machines for soil cultivation with or without tillage, seeding, inter-row cultivation, mulching, fertilizer application and crop residue management.

BEDNAR strives to offer technological lines modified for any conditions and suitable for any company and business regardless of its size! This is the main reason you will find BEDNAR machines in more than 39 countries in the world. The machines might work in completely different climatic and soil conditions, but always to the full satisfaction of their owners.

Listening to the machine users is one of BEDNAR’s advantages; the Company wants to offer innovations that bring a high added value. BEDNAR cooperates with leading farms on testing innovative technologies for soil cultivation, crop establishment and nutrition. The Company uses the obtained results to develop progressive machines that improve crop production despite today’s challenges: “Our portfolio must include machines that respond to the basic trends such as maintaining soil moisture, increasing organic matter in soil, limiting the application of glyphosates, effective and purposeful application of industrial fertilizers and measures for the protection against erosion, all of that while maintaining the crop yield potential,” Ladislav Bednář explains.

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In terms of all the advantages, JOSKIN DistriTECH believes that BEDNAR will reinforce its identity and satisfy the needs of farmers in addition to the eight brands they already represent (Strautmann, Monosem, Hardi, Evrard, Sulky, Rauch, Breviagri, Quicke).

You can look forward to a stand presenting BEDNAR at the traditional JOSKIN Open Door Days that will take place between 5 and 9 January 2023. Farmers and agricultural fans, mark the date in your diaries!

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