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BEDNAR Has Grown by More than 30% for Two Consecutive Years, Jan Bednář (Business Director) Says

Last year, once again, we confirmed our important role on the market of manufacturers of suspended agricultural machinery. In the fiscal year of 2021/2022, we reported a turnover of 148,024,948 EUR, representing a year-on-year increase of 31%. In the past season of 2022/2023, the turnover reached 195,918,367 EUR, indicating a further growth of 34%. We attribute this success mainly to the enormous demand for seeding machines.

The recently concluded fiscal year was by far the most successful in the entire history of our Company. Machine sales broke previous records, and overall turnover increased once again. Strong partners are joining our dealer network, while production is undergoing stabilization.

Expansion in overseas markets

In the past year, as part of our long-term strategy, we took further steps on overseas markets such as Australia, Africa, or North America. In Australia, we successfully built a dealer network within a year, covering significant agricultural areas. We also performed well in sales in South Africa, where BEDNAR machines are gaining increasing interest.

New collaborations in America

On the American market, we are pleased about the new collaboration with an importer who displayed BEDNAR machines at the most prominent agricultural fairs in the USA and has already ordered dozens of machines. We are preparing for the 2024 season.

Stabilization of the situation in Ukraine and reinstatement of state insurance

We managed to stabilize the situation in Ukraine, which ranked among our TOP 5 markets before the outbreak of the war. I personally visited Ukraine several times in 2023, and local farmers trust BEDNAR machines as they meet their requirements. The reinstatement of state insurance by EGAP significantly helped increase preseason orders and ensure machine deliveries for 2024.

Most significant markets in the past year

In 2023, the most significant markets for BEDNAR FMT, based on turnover, were the following countries: France, Czechia, Poland, Lithuania, Australia, and Romania.

AGRITECHNICA: One of the most significant exhibitions in BEDNAR’s history

In the past year, we presented ourselves at dozens, perhaps even hundreds, of exhibitions, field days, or seminars either directly or through our business partners. Sincere thanks to everyone for this effort.

AGRITECHNICA was the most significant exhibition that launched the new business year of 2024. I am glad that we presented ourselves at this fair again. It was one of the most important fairs in our history.

While the demand for agricultural machinery on the market is decreasing, we have been introducing new machines. At the AGRITECHNICA fair, we presented a range of innovations, including new types of universal cultivators, seed drills for different technologies, or the expansion of the production portfolio with new working widths.

Successful seeding machines and universal cultivators

Especially the FENIX FO_PROFI universal cultivator and the MATADOR MO and DIRECTO NO seed drills kick-started new orders for 2024. We rigorously tested these machines in various European countries for the last three years, addressing any issues identified during testing. We presented our business partners with a product that is 100% ready for sale.

I am grateful for another extraordinarily successful year. The 24 HOURS RECORD event, with a global impact, also contributed to strengthening our Company’s image. The trust of customers and our business partners will undoubtedly help us overcome the challenges of 2024, a year experiencing a cooling demand, driven in part by the crisis in commodity prices and rising costs for primary producers.

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