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Farming Simulator League Players from Team BEDNAR Visited the Production Plant

The Farming Simulator, a popular computer game, first appeared in 2008. Since then, several fans of farming grew up with the game; but the game is also popular among machine operators. BEDNAR joined the Farming Simulator League, an international tournament, in 2019.

The BEDNAR team players discussed cooperation with David Ryčl, the Marketing Manager

The team members had the opportunity to see BEDNAR machine production and the modern production plant

We invited the BEDNAR team to the production plant before the upcoming tournament, which took place in mid-July, to evaluate our cooperation and to introduce the modern production plant to the players. This year’s Farming Simulator League has a total of six on-line tournaments, which began in mid-May and will continue until the end of October. So far, the BEDNAR team has achieved its best result in the first tournament when they came second.

The BEDNAR Team (from the right): Josef Emmer, Michal Melicher, Václav Sklenák and David Hudeček

How is the BEDNAR team doing and what do they think about the cooperation?

“We are a respected team in the competition, and we have been surprising many of the other teams since the first season when we came seventh as JZD CZECH. It was before the sponsorship when we still managed the team ourselves. Before the start of the second season, Giants Software linked us to BEDNAR FMT. Then we met in Prague and agreed on cooperation. Now, in the third season, we hold the third position in the chart among 16 teams, but there are still four more tournaments ahead of us and we hope to do even better. We are happy for the opportunity of cooperation as most Czech people are not aware of this type of e-sport and we very much appreciate that we can represent the Czech Republic as well as BEDNAR FMT in the yellow and black,” the team members confirm.

What do the BEDNAR team members like about the Farming Simulator?

I really enjoy the wide selection of machines. Every year, the Farming Simulator offers more possibilities in the game. It’s a leisure game that helps me relax.

Michal Melicher (Měli)

I don’t play the game alone; I only do the Farming Simulator League. I train for the tournaments with the team, it’s more interesting and go-getting.

Václav Sklenák (Ventil)

I like the game very much. I like to play simulators of this type and I stream the game for the viewers. I’m an ambassador and partner of the game publisher, Giants Software, in the Farming Simulator for the Czech Republic.

Josef Emmer (Chosse)

The Farming Simulator is a relaxing game for me. I like to play with friends, I enjoy the wide range of real machines to choose from, I like to work with the front loader or with machines that handle load or wood. The Farming Simulator League is a great challenge, I’m competitive and I have to win! I’m the chief of the BEDNAR team and I strive to move the team further up in the competition.

David Hudeček (Hyper)

On behalf of BEDNAR FMT, congratulations on the achieved results, thanks for the promotion of the brand and wishing you success in the upcoming tournaments!

It’s a joy to farm with us
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