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BEDNAR as a manufacturer of disc cultivators offers the broadest product portfolio when it comes to the working width. The Company has a great representation among disc cultivators with a diameter of 520 and 560 mm, offered as SWIFTERDISC. The ATLAS disc cultivators with a disc diameter of 620 mm are also quite popular on the market, especially in countries that mostly grow corn. In 2024, the Company is planning to expand the current SWIFTERDISC and ATLAS portfolio with new working widths.

SWIFTERDISC XN 2000 – The Smallest Mounted Stubble Cultivator

The SWIFTERDISC XN model series will include a model with a working width of 1.75 metres. The basic equipment of SWIFTERDISC XN 2000 includes hydraulic working depth control, set using the rear packer position.

The disc diameter and mounting are novelties. The SWIFTERDISC XN 2000 cultivator can be equipped with 520 or 560 mm discs. Each disc is individually mounted to the frame using a single tine with rubber segment protection. The machine can be additionally equipped with supplementary weight of either 100 or 200 kg.

ATLAS AE 10400 PROFI – Wide Stubble Cultivator with a Large Disc Diameter

The large disc diameter and high throughput are typical features of the ATLAS AE_PROFI disc cultivators, required for quality cultivation of fields with large quantities of crop residue. The ATLAS AE 12400 PROFI model with a working width of 12.4 m now has a new smaller version, ATLAS AE 10400 PROFI, with a working width of 10.4 m.

ATLAS AE 10400 PROFI can be equipped with hydraulic depth regulation or comfortable LOAD-SENSING electric-hydraulic depth regulation and intuitive control provided by BEDNAR EASY CONTROL. The optional equipment includes a rod screen between the disc rows or the rear, hydraulically adjustable Crushbar levelling bar, installed in front of the packers. Unlike AE 12400 PROFI, ATLAS AE 10400 PROFI is designed as a single-axle machine. When turning at headland, the machine uses the support wheels, transport axle and the rear packers; only the disc working section is lifted.


SWIFTERDISC XE 14400 MEGA – Another Model in the Family of Record-Breakers

Based on the demand for wide machines, we have expanded the SWIFTERDISC XE_MEGA series with a model that has a working width of 14.4 metres. SWIFTERDISC XE 14400 MEGA is suitable for tractors above 500 HP. As other larger models, the cultivator has two types of discs available. The standard or specially shaped aggressive discs with a better cutting effect are available in a diameter of 520 or 560 mm.

The disc cultivator has front 520/50 R17 support wheels that offer stable guidance through the terrain and maintain the set working depth. The verified BAR-LOCK system is used for optimal load distribution in the machine construction. SWIFTERDISC XE 14400 MEGA folds into a transport width of 3 metres and the transport height does not exceed 4 metres.

The disc cultivators can now be equipped with ENDURANCE discs, supplied by the French manufacturer FORGES DE NIAUX. They provide a longer service life than the standard discs thanks to the high disc strength in the working area. ENDURANCE discs excel in withstanding extreme impacts and deformations.

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