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BEDNAR Introduces 2022 Novelties and Innovations

Farming is constantly changing. The weather, farm-gate prices as well as methods of farming change. Individual changes require a flexible response. And that also applies to manufacturers of agricultural technology. BEDNAR is presenting several new products and interesting technical innovations of existing machines for 2022. Let’s check them out.

VERSATILL VO_L and VN_L Cultivators Not Only for Seedbed Preparation

  • A new series of the universal cultivator for seedbed cultivation, shallow stubble ploughing and mechanical weeding.
  • Mounted models with a working width of 4.05–5.85 m; semi-mounted models with a working width of 7.5 m.
  • Option to easily replace the rear packer with a three-row harrow (a suitable design for mechanical weeding).
  • Option to equip the individual tines with chisels or ploughshares – easy adjustment to the required operation.

More information (VERSATILL VO_L) >
More information (VERSATILL VN_L ) >


  • A new series of short disc cultivators with a new frame.
  • The X-shaped disc section layout (X-PRECISE system) prevents drifting of the machine; the machine perfectly follows the tractor track.
  • Several-times higher spacing between the individual sections prevents clogging and enables the disc cultivator to work in demanding conditions.
  • New types of rear packers, option to use double front support wheels.

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Popular SWIFTERDISC XE in an Improved Version

  • A new version of the wide SWIFTERDISC XE cultivators with a working width from 10 to 12.4 m.
  • The disc cultivator now turns at headland with the use of rear packers, support and transport wheels (no shock transfer to the tractor, faster turning).
  • A smooth transition of the Crushbar leveller from the side sections to the central section.

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Product Portfolio Expanded with KATOR KN Power Harrow

  • A new model series of the KATOR KN power harrow, both fixed and folding, with a working width from 3 to 8 metres.
  • A series of interesting technical components: three bearings per rotor, a small distance between the individual rotors, special protection against rocks.

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Wide-span SWIFTERDISC XE_MEGA Cultivator with Working Width up to 18.4 m

  • An expansion of the SWIFTERDISC series with new MEGA models, with a working width of up to 18.4 m.
  • The X-shaped disc section layout (X-PRECISE system) prevents drifting of the machine; the machine perfectly follows the tractor track.
  • The transport tandem axle is shifted forward and only two side folding frames contribute to the even pressure on the disc sections.

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Universal BEDNAR OMEGA Seed Drills Now Available in the Width of 9 Metres

  • An expansion of the universal OMEGA OO_L seed drill series with a model with a working width of 9 metres, and the OMEGA OO_FL series with two new models with a working width of 8 and 9 metres.

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  • A new control option – BEDNAR MANUAL HYDRAULIC CONTROL (the individual functions of the disc cultivator are switched on by valves on the machine drawbar. Working parameters are set using hydraulic clips on the individual hydraulic cylinders).

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More information (ATLAS AE_PROFI) >

Expansion of the ATLAS AO_PROFI Series with 7-metre-wide Model

  • The heavy ATLAS AO_PROFI disc cultivator series have been expanded with a new model with the maximum working width of 7 metres.

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Integrated Track Eradicator Installed after Transport Axle for SWIFTER SE

  • The SWIFTER SE 10000 and SE 12000 models can now be equipped with the novel transport axle track eradicators.
  • The optional equipment to be installed after the rear packers now includes the crosskill roller with a diameter of 350 mm for perfect clod crumbling.

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Would you like to get more information about the individual products? Contact us or your authorized BEDNAR dealer.

It’s a pleasure to farm with us.

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