2016 BEDNAR Field Day

The high visitor numbers at the BEDNAR Field Day over the years shows that this event is very popular. This year’s 5th Field  Day, organised on the property of Rostěnice, a joint-stock company (Czech Republic) saw an incredible 1,635 visitors and 24 sets of BEDNAR machines were demonstrated.

1,635 visitors speaks volumes

“We managed to attract a large number of farmers, not only from the Czech Republic, but from 21 other countries of the world, to Rostěnice in Moravia (Czech Republic), even though the BEDNAR Field Day is now organized once every two years. The awareness of the BEDNAR brand is growing among farmers in all agriculturally active continents, which we can see in the attendance figures from the field day,” Jan Bednář assesses the visitor numbers.

2016 BEDNAR Field Day was visited by 1,635 visitors from 22 countries of the world.

Several new products and innovations were presented during the Field Day.

Unusual Method of Presentation

The BEDNAR Field Day does not only mean demonstrating technology: it also brings agronomic presentations and an unusual method of presenting the machines in functioning technological lines for the individual crops.

Machines arranged in the individual technological lines for sugar beet, corn, winter wheat and spring barley.

Soil science presentation by Ing. Barbora Badalíková and doc. RNDr. Lubice Pospíšilová, CSc.

BEDNAR New Products and Innovations

“Every year, we put a lot of effort and invest a lot of funds into the development of new machines and innovations of the existing machines. The BEDNAR Field Day is a great opportunity to share the results of our efforts with farmers. We had already showed the direction our Company is going to follow at the TechAgro Fair and so we aggregated a lot of machines with the FERTI-BOX hoppers for the Field Day to demonstrate the precise method of applying fertilizers in practice,” the owner of the Company, dr. Ladislav Bednář, comments on the development of the machines.
During the presentation of the new products and innovations, the Company demonstrated the inter-row cultivator the ROW-MASTER with the option of liquid fertilization, as well as the mulcher of post-harvest residues with a ventilator providing continuous cleaning of the surface of the machine during operation.

Presentation of the mulcher with a ventilator for continuous cleaning of the machine surface.

Presentation of the concept of precise fertilizer application with BEDNAR machines in practice.

The inter-row cultivator the ROW-MASTER with the option of a liquid fertilizer application was also introduced within the presentation of new products and innovations.

There were also practical demonstrations of deep soil processing with the TERRALAND chisel ploughs.

Large Machines Are Popular

The popular machines of the Field Day were the SWIFTERDISC cultivator with a working width of 14 metres, the SWIFTER seedbed compactor with a working width of 18 metres or the combined TERRALAND DO 5000 cultivator.

The SWIFTERDISC XE 14000 disc cultivator with a working width of 14 metres.

The SWIFTER seedbed compactor with a working width of 18 metres was demonstrated on part of the area processed by the TERRALAND DO combined cultivator.

We would like to thank to all the visitors to the BEDNAR Field Day and we look forward to seeing you again on the property of ZS Sloveč at the 2017 BEDNAR Field Day!