The Training of our South African dealers

Bednar held a training course for dealers in South Africa, This was held  in the headquarters of a large dealership, ALM tractor world which is located in Sasolburg. The training was organised with the help of Michigan Equipment Company, which was represented by Mr Frikkie Hefer. During the training period the Atlas HO, SwifterDisc XE and the Swifter SM  were on display.  The training sessions were led by an experienced technician,  Ronald Kraus, from BEDNAR.

Training included agronomic practices

During the training a large part was dedicated to agronomic methods with which BEDNAR is very successful at in Europe. This included deep loosening using a chisel plough, the Terraland, in combination with the application of fertiliser into the soil profile from a hopper Ferti-Box.

Demonstration of the Atlas HO in Ugie, Eastern Cape

In the second half of the week Ronald Kraus moved about 600 km to the city of Ugie. There was a demonstration of the  Bednar Atlas HO 6000 after the harvest of grain corn organized by dealer Shorten Motors. The Yield of 14 t/ha left behind a large amount of corn trash on the field surface. A heavy disc cultivator the Atlas HO equipped with discs of ø 660 mm was used to incorporate the trash in just one pass in front of the local farmers who saw it first hand and really appreciated the high quality of work during the single pass.