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Over 2,500 Hectares in Services with a BEDNAR Machine

One of the recently delivered BEDNAR seed drills this year is the OMEGA OO 6000 FL with the working width of six metres, acquired by Mr. Vladimír Pavlíček. Mr. Pavlíček uses the seed drill to establish crops at his own farm, but above all, to provide services where the machine should seed over 2,500 hectares per year.

Vladimír Pavlíček, a farmer and service provider, is one of the new users of the BEDNAR OMEGA seed drills

“I started providing services in 2011. I focus on harvesting cereals with combine harvesters, soil cultivation and seeding. At present, I provide services to selected agricultural companies. Moreover, I also manage 100 hectares of farmland,” Vladimír Pavlíček, the seed drill owner, summarises the area of his activity.

Reference by a Friend Helped the Purchase

Mr. Pavlíček started providing his services in crop establishment with a German machine. “The machine had a rubber-tyred packer, also used for transportation, and that was a disadvantage. The central part of the packer used to slide a lot. After some years of operation, I started thinking about purchasing a new seed drill. A friend of mine recommended BEDNAR. I consider him a great expert in seed drills because he used to service machines by the competitor, whose machine I also used, for thirteen years. He is now a sales representative of the BEDNAR brand at the service department. His recommendation contributed to my decision to buy a BEDNAR seed drill. I also had the opportunity to try OMEGA OO_FL. In the end, I also met Jan Bednář and we arranged the terms and conditions of the purchase,” Mr. Pavlíček describes the selection of the machine.

The owner of the seed drill required a double-chamber hopper for concurrent seeding and fertilization, and so he chose the OMEGA OO_FL model

In combination with the CASE IH PUMA 230 CVX tractor with 228 HP, the set can work up to 70 hectares per day

Seed Drill Based on Custom Specification

Mr. Pavlíček’s seed drill is equipped based on his own configuration. The customer demanded a double-chamber hopper and so he decided to go for the OMEGA OO_FL model that enables for the application of fertilizer while seeding. Based on his experience, Mr. Pavlíček used the simpler equipment of the machine – for example, mechanical down-pressure adjustment, mechanical seeding depth adjustment and a fixed drawbar. “As far as the disc and coulter sections are concerned, I chose the standard serrated discs, and I didn’t need the coulter section or the front equipment. I believe that discs on a seed drill are only for the finalization of work and shouldn’t replace a soil cultivator. Thanks to quality cultivation, I can achieve high hourly and daily outputs. I can seed up to 70 hectares with the six-metre-long machine in a day, it always depends on the actual conditions,” the owner adds.

The modular system of BEDNAR machines makes it possible to build the machine as required by the customer

The equipment also includes the symmetric pre-emergent markers designed for marking rail lines to treat the crop after seeding

Details Are Important in Fuel Consumption

Despite the simpler, yet time-tested equipment, OMEGA OO_FL in this specification offers the best components – a pressurized hopper, parallelogram for the individual drill coulters, or the offset arrangement and a large wheel diameter of the rubber-tyred packer. “I like the packer a lot, the large diameter provides high throughput and has a low rolling resistance. This technical design also contributes to lower fuel consumption, by about 1 litre per hectare, when compared with a seed drill that has a small diameter and width of the packer wheels,” confirms Pavlíček.

The large diameter of the rubber-tyred packer offers a better throughput and Mr. Pavlíček says it also contributes to lower fuel consumption

During our visit, the machine was applying seeds together with fertilizer, mixed in the ducts leading to the distribution head

“Grain & Fertilizer” System for Rapeseed

We found the OMEGA OO 6000FL seed drill aggregated with the CASE IH PUMA 230 CVX tractor with 228 HP when seeding winter rapeseed in the fields in the village of Doksy in the first week of September. The rapeseed was seeded in the amount of 2 kg/ha and with concurrent NKP fertilizer application in the amount of 130 kg/ha, using the “Grain & Fertilizer” system (seeds are mixed with the fertilizer). The seeds and the fertilizer from the individual chambers of the hopper are mixed in the duct and the mixture is delivered to the distribution head. The fertilizer is immediately available to the seeds in the ground during germination, improving the utilization of the fertilizer and the development of the young crop.

It’s a pleasure to farm with us.

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