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A Trip to Meet South African Farmers and Participation at the BHBW Dealer Conference

Jan Bednář, the BEDNAR Sales Director, and David Ryčl, the Marketing Director, took a trip to South Africa in the first week of November.

The purpose of the trip was to learn about the farming conditions of the wheat region around Cape Town and to actively participate in the BEDNAR dealer conference, organised by the BEDNAR importer for South Africa, BHBW in Johannesburg.

Jan Bednář, the Sales Director, and David Ryčl, the Marketing Director, with the BHBW team

Jan Bednář, the Sales Director, also mentioned the new products in his presentation

The whole week was filled with intensive travels and meeting customers and dealers. The approach of South African farmers to the matters of soil cultivation and crop establishment will be a motivation for the development of machines and procedures that will be gradually adopted on our continent due to the ongoing climate change.

David Ryčl, the Marketing Director, presented the history and success of the BEDNAR brand during its existence

Awards to the best representatives of the BEDNAR brand were given during the conference

We value the whole trip highly. The dealers and the importer are very active and the current population of about 200 BEDNAR machines working in the South African fields will expand dynamically.

It’s a joy to farm with us.

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