Terraland: The right choice for good farming!

On the stand on the exhibition in Biddinghuizen, Holland last September was exposed The Terraland TN 3000 M 5 R from Bednar Farm Machinery.

There was a lot of interest for this machine. A local farmer asked to use it because they liked the structure off this machine. After the exhibition they used it on their farm in several soils. The farmer and also the local dealer where surprised by the good working off the machine. The Terraland is a machine which is able to till the land intensively, deeply, affordably and restores the soil’s climate to bring you a greater yield per hectare, and thus also greater revenue without having to expand your farm. Commented Dealer.

Terraland The right choice for good farming!
Michal Ondra and his father’s farm in Lounky in the Litoměřice Region



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