Safety precautions of BEDNAR company to prevent possible spread of COVID-19

Dear customers, clients and supports of BEDNAR company. We are experiencing a period that can’t be compared to anything that our generation has experienced. These times are incredibly turbulent and things are developing so fast. What seemed impossible yesterday,is a common part of our lives today.

We feel the need to express ourselves to issues that arise in relation with the global pandemic and spreading of COVID-19 caused by a new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus type.

1) We fully support measures made by the Czech Republic government and international community in order to solve this situation as promptly as possible.

2) We have adopted all possible measures to protect the health of our employees and business partners. These include the  following steps:

  • Our production and development centres continue in their common actions but we have adapted our shift operation so that the employees of shifts do not meet.
  • We request our employees to strictly observe hygienic principles. We use antibacterial soaps and disinfections for hand washing. At all workplaces we wear masks and respirators.
  • Our employees are obliged to cancel any business trips and business meetings except for the service support of our customers.
  • Where possible the maximum number of employees are working under home-office mode.
  • We hace cancelled all mass events. We recommend and support remote communication means (phone, mail, video conference etc.)
  • Employees having disease symptoms (fever, cough, dyspnoea, raised fatigue, pain of joints and muscles) are obliged to contact their physician in order to evaluate their health condition and are not allowed to enter the workplace.

3) In spite of all efforts of our employees and partners this period will probably bring some worsening of customer services standards. For example, it can affect the service support, including deliveries of spare parts or commissioning of new machinery. Please, accept our apologies and engagement that we are doing our maximum given the current circumstances in order to support the primary agricultural production.

4) Many of our suppliers or even competitors have stopped their production or are currently considering it. The BEDNAR company does not intend to take such measure as we understand the all-society importance of  primary agricultural production. In the event the arable products are not well planted today, there will be no good crop in summer and the issues we struggle with today will continue to deepen.

In consequence, each additional quality machine that we supply and each further service we provide to farmers can affect the worldwide offer and price of food. Any instability and shortage in this area would surely not contribute to a prompt solution of the current worldwide situation.

Herewith we would like to thank all our employees for their disciplined approach to work duties and limitations resulting from preventive medical measures. Our special thanks belong to production workers for keeping the continuous production process going.

Ladislav Bednář, Gérant

On behalf of BEDNAR FMT s.r.o.


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