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A well-proven seedbed cultivator for seedbed preparation in one pass.


Using seedbed cultivators for soil preparation is still a popular practice. In the segment of seedbed cultivators with a working width of 4 to 8 metres, we offer the well-proven design of the SWIFTER SO_F machine. SWIFTER SO_F has very low demands on the tractor towing power thanks to its light, but highly durable frame. In one pass, it can create an even seedbed, important for even emergence of crop, with a unique combination of up to eight operations. SWIFTER SO_F is a cultivator that can be used in any season because it is easily adjusted to the conditions thanks to the exchangeable working parts.


2-12 cm


4-8 m


230-280 k

Key properties

A seedbed cultivator with a standard design suitable for traditional soil cultivation, as well as minimization systems.


Creating a seedbed for proper and even crop emergence.

Combining several operations into one means fewer passes through the field and lower costs of soil preparation. The front levelling bar or leveller perfectly levels off any unevenness. The front crumbling roller crumbles the clods. The main working section undercuts, aerates and warms up the soil layer. The final clod crumbling is provided by various types of rollers in combination with other equipment behind the rollers.


Adjusting soil cultivation to the needs of the crop.

A sweep working section (summer and autumn soil cultivation – winter cereals, oilseed rape)

This working section can be used for summer and autumn preparation when soil needs to be loosened, undercut and mixed after the previous harvest. The 270 mm sweeps in two overlapping rows undercut the soil profile along the entire machine width, creating a firm bottom. At the same time, soil is aggressively processed thanks to the working angle of the sweeps, creating a loosening top layer. Each sweep is mounted on a flexible tine that provides a 3D effect (horizontal and vertical movement) which protects the sweep from damage.

SB sweep section with spring sweeps (spring soil cultivation – sugar beet)

The section is especially suitable for spring cultivation before seeding sugar beet where it is required to adequately manage spring moisture, but still prepare a precise seedbed. The sweep angle does not mix soil vertically, but the soil is still undercut in the whole area thanks to the overlapping sweeps that are 170 mm wide. Another benefit is the reduced demand on the towing vehicle power.

Gamma-point working section (spring soil cultivation – spring cereals, corn)

This section is suitable for early spring operations, such as required before seeding barley. The four rows of gamma points at a negative angle aerate and warm up soil without bringing wet particles to the surface, which preserves winter moisture. It is important for a fast start of growth of spring crop. The spring-loading of each tine enables working at high speed. The gamma points for this section are also available in the LONG LIFE version.

Skær SB-skær Gammatænder

Provides perfect tracing of terrain unevenness.

The basic model of SWIFTER SO_F is equipped with a hydraulically adjustable drawbar that enables the machine to perfectly trace the terrain when working in the floating position. The field is then evenly cultivated, resulting in high-precision work.


Even weight distribution brings higher durability.

The side frames with individual working sections are suspended on a robust spacious frame. The supporting frame has a higher durability because the weight of side frame is evenly distributed. The sufficiently dimensioned axle, providing safe transport of the machine, also helps.


Do not lose time, work at headland without having to lift the machine.

The design of the SWIFTER SO_F cultivator enables turning the machine at the headland without having to lift the working sections. Even so, we recommend turning on the headland with slightly excavated working sections and a larger turning radius.



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Machine description

A concise summary of the main working parts of the seedbed cultivator.

SWIFTER SO_F Seedbed Cultivator

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A hydraulically adjustable drawbar contributes to perfect terrain tracing and levelling any unevenness.

Front leveller

The hydraulically controlled Crushbar is used for levelling unevenness and breaking the rough furrow.

Front crumbling roller

Provides initial crumbling of larger soil particles and clods.

Working section

A selection of three different versions (2 rows of sweeps/ 4 rows of gamma points / 2 rows of SB sweeps) as needed for soil cultivation for the crop.

Levelling bar after sweeps

It levels off the soil surface after the sweep or gamma-point section.

Rear rollers

The double-row crosskill rollers contribute to perfect crumbling of clods created by the sweep or gamma-point section.

Rear equipment

The finish roller creates a fine soil structure and completes the entire operation.



Most seedbed cultivators equipped with crosskill rollers incur slackness between the individual crosskill segments after working for some number of hectares. We use a compressing spring in SWIFTER cultivators, mounted on the shaft where the crosskill rollers are as well. The spring continuously presses on the crosskill segments and eliminates slackness between the individual segments.


The front hydraulic Crushbar leveller allows the operator to ideally adjust the working angle of the leveller according to the field conditions in the comfort of the cabin. When compared with a mechanically controlled leveller, it is possible to achieve savings of up to 1 litre of Diesel per hectare.


The slatted roller with a diameter of 370 mm and with a replaceable pin consists of a casing with an internal cone and a pin with an external cone. When the pin is damaged, it is not required to replace the whole slatted roller, but only the pin.


Roller bearings are adjusted to the high circumferential speed and are maintenance-free. The operator thus does not have to regularly lubricate each bearing, which there are many on a seedbed cultivator. Multiple gaskets prevent contamination of the bearing and the reinforced gasket design reduces its damage.

SWIFTER SO_F_reference


“We had never used a compactor in our company until we bought SWIFTER, as we were worried how it would work in our rocky conditions. When we had to decide about a new soil cultivation machine, we also tried the BEDNAR machine. We liked how it worked and chose the SWIFTER SO_F model with a working width of 8 metres. For me, well-prepared soil is the foundation so that the seeds and emerging plants have good conditions.”

Ing. Jiří Havelka,
Agronomist and Co-Owner of VRCHA a.s. Jedlá


We know that everyone has different requirements for the optional machine equipment and its expected use. Therefore, you can specify your own SWIFTER SO_F seedbed cultivator to precisely match your needs.

Front equipment

Telescopic track eradicators

A track eradicator with an adjustable width. It is used for loosening hardened tracks created by the towing vehicle.

Track eradicators

The solid track eradicator is used for loosening hardened tracks created by the towing vehicle.

Front rollers

Tube roller

The screw-shaped tube roller formed by rods crumbles the clods on the field surface.

Slatted roller

The screw-shaped slatted roller formed by rods crumbles the clods on the field surface. Its design achieves an excellent crumbling effect, even in the rough furrow.

Front leveller

Hydraulic front leveller

It levels off rough unevenness before the follow-up working parts. The hydraulic control makes it possible to immediately respond to any terrain unevenness from the tractor cabin.

Mechanical front leveller

The mechanically adjustable front levelling bar levels off rough unevenness, which increases the work of the following working parts.


Hydraulic drawbar

The hydraulic version of the drawbar enables perfect terrain tracing, thus achieving excellent quality of work.

Rear rollers

A single-row crosskill roller with a diameter of 350 mm

A single-row crosskill roller with a system of scrapers is made of cast iron, suitable for quality clod crushing.

A single-row slatted roller with a diameter of 370 mm

A simple and cheap solution for spring cultivation of light soils.

Double-row slatted rollers with a diameter of 370 mm

Suitable for year-round intense cultivation of light soils. The rollers with a diameter of 370 mm create the effect of a “soil milling tool”.

Double-row adjustable crosskill rollers with a diameter of 440 mm

An ideal design for all types of soil with rocks. The large spacing between rows prevents rocks from getting stuck and blocking the rollers. The universal frame enables increasing the spacing between the rows of rollers – a smaller distance provides a self-cleaning effect even in wet conditions, a larger distance provides a sufficient space in rocky soils.

Double-row crosskill rollers with a diameter of 350 mm

An ideal design for all types of soil. High-quality cast-iron rollers with a diameter of 350 mm for fine precision crumbling with a self-cleaning effect.

Optional equipment to be attached after the rear rollers

A single-row tine harrow

Used for even distribution of larger soil particles along the entire machine width.

Leveller mounted after the crosskill rollers

It creates an absolutely levelled field, 100% prepared for planting even the smallest seeds, such as spring barley, poppy, or mustard.

Leveller mounted after the slatted rollers

It creates an absolutely levelled field, 100% prepared for planting even the smallest seeds, such as spring barley, poppy, or mustard.

Finish roller 270 mm

It provides intense crushing thanks to the high circumferential speed, known as the effect of a soil milling tool. Achieve maximum clod crumbling in combination with the crosskill rollers.

SWIFTER SO_F Seedbed Cultivator

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Soil preparation is an important operation for the formation of a uniform and balanced seedbed prior to crop establishment. Each crop and field requires different soil preparation based on the climate, or the chosen date of cultivation. The aim of the seedbed cultivation is to create an ideal soil structure in the field, with a harder bottom and loose top soil layer, to level the field after previous operations, and to open, warm up and aerate the soil profile for even crop emergence.

Do you know how to prepare soil properly?

Datos técnicos

Se puede navegar por la tabla desplazándose lateralmente.
SWIFTER SO_FSO 4000F SO 5000F SO 6000F SO 7000F SO 8000F
Working widthm456,27,28
Transport widthm2,92,92,92,92,9
Transport lengthm7,37,37,37,37,3
Transport heightm2,93,33,83,63,9
Working depth*cm2 - 122 - 122 - 122 - 122 - 12
Number of sharespcs1620242832
Number of shares (SB - Section)pcs3038455159
Number of GAMA tipspcs3444546474
Recommended towing engine horsepowerhp120 - 150150 - 200 150 - 220 180 - 220210 - 230
Maximum axle loadkg3 0003 3003 9004 5005 000
Maximum hitch loadkg1 7401 8902 1302 4502 760
Hitch typeruler, cat. III / lug 40, 51 / K80ruler, cat. III / lug 40, 51 / K80ruler, cat. III / lug 40, 51 / K80ruler, cat. III / lug 40, 51 / K80ruler, cat. III / lug 40, 51 / K80
Transport tyre dimensions15 / 55 - 17, 500 / 50 - 1715 / 55 - 17, 500 / 50 - 1715 / 55 - 17, 500 / 50 - 17500 / 50 - 17 500 / 50 - 17
Total weight**kg4 7405 1906 0306 9507 760

* depends on soil conditions ** according to the machine equipment

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