Traditional field day

On July 31, 2014, already 9th field day was arranged in Joži farm near Jaunpils in Latvia.  Good traditions attract people, so does the field day at Joži farm.  The number of attendants was so high that it would not be the mistake to say that crowds were coming.  Of course, part of success was as usually due to weather: too wet to harvest, too nice to stay at home!


Fenix FO 5000 ready for demonstration

Due to misunderstanding XO 6000 F stayed on a stand

Young farmers had their own interests…

…but not all. Some were at forefront of demonstration all the time.

Traditional interest in Bednar machines

Brightly painted, nicely designed, quality manufactured machines that perform to farmer’s expectations attracted lots of attention. As in every other show. Guess the brand…:)



Looking for

My BEDNAR machine


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