The latest trends in crop production at DLG FELDTAGE

There are traditionally two major events in that draw in the international crowd in Germany, AGRITECHNIKA and DLG FELDTAGE. While Agritechnika is largely focused on farm mechanization, the DLG FELDTAGE outdoor the focus is directed towards the latest trends in crop reasearch and plant protection. DLG FELDTAGE took place throughout 17-19.6.2014 near Leipzig and with the participation of BEDNAR FMT.

BEDNAR’s first outing at the DLG Feldtage

“This was our premier Participation at DLG Feldtage. I’m glad we participated in this event and that we can show a machine that is unique and corresponds to the vast majority of presentations done by seed producers which were focused on the development of root systems for most crops.” comments Jan Bednar (Export Manager). BEDNAR introduced the Terraland TO chisel plough, which has become machine in high demand, at the DLG Feldtage.

The BEDNAR stand with the exhibited Terraland TO 4000 machine


Root systems were one of the main themes

The development of the root system and its nutrition is one of the basic prerequisites for a successful yield. Alongside the “above-ground demonstrations” of crops at DLG Feldtage, the development of root systems was clearly demonstrated as well. A 3 metre deep pit was dug right in the middle of the growth to demonstrate where the roots can grow in the soil profile. The roots of sugar beet were visible at a depth of 1.2 m, the root of oil seed rape at a depth of up to 2 m and deep rooted barley up to 0.5 m, etc. We therefore know that crops can reach such depths during stressful situations to receive ground water and nutrients. That’s why it’s necessary to create the right conditions for the roots to grow. BEDNAR FMT has already worked on this subject for several years with varying results on different farms in Europe. “We already started with deep tillage 5 years ago. Subsequently, we have extended the deep processing of stocking fertilizers in soil profiles. During these five years we have had a variety of positive and negative experiences as well. Based on the results and experience, we modified the original prototypes and extended the range of the chisel ploughs. We know how and where it is appropriate to loosen deeper, and what different crops require. “Says David Ryčl (Sales Manager Bednar FMT).

The demonstration of the root systems

The roots of oil seed rape at a depth of 2 m

The roots of sugar beet at a depth of 1.2 m

The demonstration of the root systems


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