The International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) Watched BEDNAR Machines

During the busy programme of the IFAJ executive meeting in České Budějovice in October, international journalists looked at six BEDNAR machines for precise agriculture. The machines were introduced in the fields of the Bernartice Agricultural Cooperative in Jestřebice.

Transporting BEDNAR agricultural technology on roads in aggregation with John Deere tractors

The BEDNAR machines in transport position meet all the valid EU legislation for road transport

Programme for International Journalists

An accompanying programme was prepared for the four-day stay of the Federation, mostly in South Bohemia. Before moving to the meeting venue in České Budějovice, the journalists visited the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. On the following days, they visited MADETA in Český Krumlov, traditional pond fishing in the Třeboň Region, a demonstration of BEDNAR agricultural technology and top-quality animal production in the Bernartice Agricultural Cooperative.

The executive members of IFAJ who visited the Czech Republic were from the following countries: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine and USA. The executive members from other countries excused themselves from participation.

MULCHER MM 7000 was one of the machines that BEDNAR presented to the international journalists

Ing. David Ryčl, Sales Manager for the Czech Republic and Poland, pointed out the precise work of the machines

What BEDNAR Machines Were Presented?

We prepared a commented demonstration of machines for IFAJ, working in a maize stubble field on the land owned by ZD Bernartice. The first machine to be presented was a MULCHER MM 7000 in aggregation with a John Deere 6215 R, which mulched and evenly spread maize crop residue on the field. It was followed by the ATLAS AO 8000 L disk cultivator, which performed quality stubble cultivation at a depth of 16cm.

After that TERRALAND machines started working: in particular, the TERRALAND TN 3000 in aggregation with a John Deere 8360 R and a TERRALAND TO 5000 with John Deere 9470 R.The chisel ploughs performed intense deep soil cultivation. Together with TERRALAND machines, a FENIX FN 3000 with FERTI-BOX FB 2000 F in aggregation with John Deere 8310 R were also presented. The set demonstrated supply fertilisation directly into the soil profile.

Presentation of BEDNAR machines by the ZD Bernartice premises in Jestřebice

A commented demonstration of machines at work was prepared for the journalists

At the end, Ing. David Ryčl, Regional Sales Manager for the Czech Republic and Poland, presented the new OMEGA OO 6000 L Seed Drill in aggregation with a John Deere 7230 R. An OMEGA OO_L is a versatile seed drill with a light design and precise seed bed preparation.

Basic Information about ZD Bernartice

The agricultural business manages an area of 2,900 hectares. The arable land forms 2,400 hectares; the remaining 500ha are meadows. The main crop of ZD Bernartice is wheat, grown on average on an area of 1,000ha, followed by 500ha of oil seed rape, 400–500ha of winter barley together with oats, 250ha of maize, 150ha of clover and 100ha of peas.

The main reason why the journalists visited this organisation is their top-quality animal production. Pavel Novotný, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, told us the details: “We raise 1,700 cattle, out of which 600 are dairy cows. We raise calves that are born here. We use heifers in our own breeding and we full-feed bulls and sell them for slaughter. Annually, we produce 4,100,000 litres of milk, thanks to which we are one of the large dairy companies. Milk is our crucial market commodity.

The Chairman of ZD Bernarticegave the journalists a tour of the agricultural premises in Jestřebice

Pavel Novotný, Chairman of the Cooperative, provides some important information about the organisation

Strategic planning is used in the company. They regularly prepare a vision with an 8-year forecast. The current one applies until 2025. They continuously evaluate it and determine their successes and failures in the past year. “Thanks to the vision, we do not act hastily but always in the given planning interval. It is beneficial for all the parties involved,” Mr. Novotný adds.

Using TERRALAND TN in the Cooperative

The Cooperative owns a TERRALAND TN 3000. “We mostly use it now, in the autumn. We use it to prepare areas where we will grow maize next year. We also use it for headlands where the soil is most compacted and so we process it in depth and aerate it,” Mr. Novotný adds in conclusion.

Bc. Zdeněk Souhrada
Marketing Media