The BEDNAR Field Day is becoming One of the Largest Agronomic Events in Central Europe

The Sloveč Field Day is very popular and it is becoming a prominent event where farmers and other people directly or indirectly related to agronomics meet. The Sloveč Field Day has become a synonym of expertise as well as entertainment and discussion. The Sloveč Field Day is a show with a programme that makes it unique. The 4th Field Day that took place at the beginning of June with 1,500 visitors was a successful follow-up to the 3rd Field Day.

Proper Show

Professional comments on the machines and crops, soil horizon analyses, machines arranged in lines with descriptions of the individual details and consultations,  all of that accompanied by documents displayed on large screens. The Sloveč Field Day has made its mark not only in the Czech Republic, but also in  neighbouring countries. “It is almost a paradox how many field events, seminars and similar events are organized in June. It is great that we have managed to create an event people look forward to and come to visit. That’s both a compliment and a commitment to the following years. Thank you!” Ladislav Bednář commenting on the number of visitors.

Ladislav Bendář, the owner of BEDNAR FMT, Jiří Sobota, Chairman of the Board of ZS Sloveč a.s., Jiří Sopoušek, Vice-chairman of the Board of STROM Praha a.s. and Petr Heřmánek, Vice-rector of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague (on the left) welcomed visitors and delivered the opening address.

BEDNAR Field Day is a popular event where the farming community meets.

Soil Science, the Foundation of Success

For the first time, we devoted a lot of time to the seminar and discussion on soil, its composition and methods of soil processing. “We don’t want to merely describe and show the machines in operation. We want to explain, using examples and actual soil properties, why we decided to design the machine in a particular way and not in just any way. Last year, we arranged the machines into technological lines to show where our ideas in technology are directed in general. This year, we wanted to include more details because that’s what farming is about.. Therefore, we prepared samples of soil horizons supplemented with comments and a discussion lead by Dr. Ing. Sáňka.” David Ryčl described the programme of the day. The Field Day also included a lecture on soil science delivered by Dr. Ing. Milan Sáňka from the Mendel University in Brno who commented on the prepared soil samples from the land farmed by ZS Sloveč, demonstrating both the advantages and risks of deep soil processing.

Dr. Ing. Milan Milan Sáňka, an expert in soil science, presented the prepared soil samples. The visitors could see various soil conditions from the fields farmed by ZS Sloveč.

Soil conditions are important for the Company in relation to machine engineering. Therefore, we cooperate with leading experts who can confirm the agronomic benefits of BEDNAR machines.

Introducing New Machines and Trends: An Important Part of the Sloveč Field Day

At the start of the Field Day, twenty-four machine sets were arranged in to technological lines. “We don’t only offer machines to farmers, we provide integrated technology based on current agronomics that has been undergoing significant changes related to the new efficient hybrids as well as other factors, such as price and availability of farmland”, Ing. David Ryčl (Sales Manager) explained. During the morning, BEDNAR presented the new machines as well as agronomic reasons of investing its efforts into developing these machines.

Row-Master RN inter-row cultivator with self-guiding into rows. Working unit setting options of 45, 50, 70, 75 and 85 cm. High frame clearance of 80 cm for loosening soil for crops such as corn and sunflower.

Galaxy GE 9000 packer rollers with  front hydraulic leveller – the Crush Bar.

STRIEGEL-PRO PE 12000 – a straw harrow for crop residue management, second growth management and early spring soil processing. Precise preparation of the stubble-field before other operations. Direct effect on germination of future growth.

SWIFTERDISC XE – a popular wide disc cultivator designed for high working speeds with perfect mixing of crop residues thanks to the A-discs.

TERRALAND TN: Professional, deep soil tillage with fertiliser storage,  a way to achieving higher crops. Increases the availability of nutrients in deeper soil profiles. More air in the soil, a functional water regime.

ATLAS HO – a disc cultivator for large quantities of post-harvest residue.

Omega OO seed drills.

Demonstration of precise guiding of the ROW-MASTER RN 6000 inter-row cultivator. Greater comfort, higher performance…


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