Terraland DO demo tour in Hungary

One of the locations for our demo tour was Búza Bt. farm in Klárafalva, which grows mainly wheat and rapeseed on 1600 ha. Thanks to our outstanding long-term partnership, Búza Bt. already owns 4 machines of the BEDNAR brand.During the past few years they have purchased an8 m Swifter SO_F seedbed cultivator, a 12 m Swifterdisc XE disc cultivator, a 6 m Fenix FO cultivator and a 6 m Terraland TO chisel plow.

The 4 m wide Terraland DO combined cultivator was pulled by a 550 HP Case Quadtrack. In order to test the implement’s performance we started to work on a parcel which had not been cultivated for at least 5 years. The first two rows of 660 mm discs perfectly cut the large amount of weed, then the two rows of hydraulically adjusted tines broke up the soil to a 40 cm depth and finally the rear spiky tandem roller crumbled all the rods on the surface to perfection.

One other location was the farm Körösagrár Kft. in Békésszentandrás, which produces crop on 3600 ha. Our implement was pulled by a John Deere 9410R and worked up to 25 cm depth just to loosen up the surface layers.

One of the core benefits of the machine is the hydraulically adjustable angle of the working tines to best suit the soil conditions. The working depth of the disc section is also separately hydraulically adjusted.The working tines can be equipped with different types of chiselsand there is an option of a heavy steel Cutpack packer for better compaction of the soil. Accessories include the Ridge-Till kit which helps create ridges before the winter to improve the preservation of winter moisture.



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