Techagro 2016 – Introduction of new products, innovations and ideas

We would like to invite all visitors to the Brno trade fair to Hall P, stand 4. For the first time, we will be officially introducing the 14 metre SWIFTERDISC XE 14000 cultivator, ATLAS AN 3000 – mounted cultivator with a large disc diameter – and a ROW-MASTER RN – new versatile inter-row cultivator for cultivation of wide-mesh crops. The domestic premiere lies ahead of the OMEGA seed drill with a coulter section for seeding in wet conditions. A major part of our exposition will be devoted to agrotechnology and we will also be introducing the main ideas and technological solutions for precise fertilization.

Fourteen-metre cultivator

The fourteen-metre wide-mesh SWIFTERDISCXE 14000 cultivator is a hot new product. The machine is designed mainly for primary processing of soil after harvesting or for pre-sowing preparation of soil. Thanks to its short concept and a wide mesh, it is designed for enormous daily outputs with outstanding work results. The machine can be used efficiently with tractors of higher performance.  Securing of working sections (Twin-Disc system) is provided individually by rubber segments. The unique system of folding the machine towards the front gives the machine a very compact transport dimension. The transport width of the machine does not exceed 3 metres which means that it complies with legislative requirements of countries in the EU and beyond. Despite the large working mesh, the machine has a small turnng radius on headlands thanks to the front rotary support wheels and also turning on the rear packers.

Towards the end of last year, the SWIFTERDISC XE 14000 was introduced during a field premiere in France, attached to a John Deere 9RX tractor. Customers will see it for the first time at an outdoor area during the Techagro trade fair in Brno.

Addition to the ATLAS cultivators line

The ATLAS AN 3000 is a new product and it is a three metre mounted disc cultivator with large discs which is intended for smaller farms having to deal with the problem of large amounts of after-harvest residues. The Atlas is fitted with 620x6mm discs that allow cultivation to a depth of 16 cm and provide intensive mixing of soil with organic materials.  The discs are secured by individual non-stop springs.

OMEGA seed drill with a coulter section for work in wet conditions

The innovated OMEGA seed drill with a coulter section is now the ideal and only solution in the market used for preparation of soil with subsequent seeding in a single pass. The coulter section consists of wavy discs that are able to prepare the ideal conditions for seeding in wet conditions without producing undesired clods. On the contrary, when seeding raps, they work together with the disc section so as to crush clods in an effective way.

ROW-MASTER RN – versatile inter-row cultivator

Mechanical treatment of crops is a topical issue yet again. It saves high costs spent otherwise on chemical protection of crops and in addition to that, it also helps restoration of the water regime in soil during vegetation and supports mineralization of nutrients in soil. The inter-row spacing of the machine can be easily adjusted according to the crops being grown from 45 cm up to 80 cm. The same as in the case of the RN_S cultivator used for sugar beet, The ROW-MASTER RN uses the advanced scanning optical system Culti-Cam. The version for sugar beet will be presented at the BEDNAR stand. The versatile inter-row cultivator will be presented at an outdoor area of the company STROM PRAHA.

Precise fertilization concept

High demands of modern farmers on increasing production can only be satisfied with technologies that allow fertilizers to be used with maximum efficiency. During Techagro, the idea of precise application of fertilizers based on the FERTI-BOX machine will be introduced. Machines of the BEDNAR brand allow combining of FERTI-BOX fertilizer hoppers with cultivators, chisel ploughs, pre-sowing compactors as well as with seed drills. Everything visitors want to know about agrotechnology can be found on stand 4, hall P.


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