TECHAGRO 2010 brought an interest ….

TECHAGRO 2010 brought greater interest in our machines than we expected. All news for 2010, introduced in 2009 become a great attraction and topic not only of many discussions but also for the sales …


Successful exposition


At this year’s TECHAGRO you could find our stand in the new modern spacious pavilion P. Location in the pavilion, which creates the main gate on the surface of the Brno Exhibition Centre, has proved very positive. As you might have noticed the design of our stand was based on the exposure used at Agritechnica 2009th. Outdoor exposition was located immediately prior to Hall P, where we presented a 2sides tipping semi-trailer Wagon 21 000 with new extensions 300mm and 600mm, which can be combined. Interest in this trailer was so great that you could even see one visitor climbing out from the dumper-body by sidewall. Besides Wagon was seen Discland Disc harrows in new design. This machine works in the fields across Europe for several years. Design rules passed in the autumn of 2009.


News for 2009, 2010
On TECHAGRO 2010, we introduced all our news from the year 2009, which found many of their new and satisfied owners during last year. One of many surprises, which we plan for 2010, was a new seedbed cultivator Swifter SE 10000 with width 10m. This machine has many advantages over the competition and increases comfort and safety equipment in the fields and roads.


The main advantages of machines SWIFTER 10000 SE are:

1. new type of quick secure folding mechanism tt the transport width 3m and height 4m ‘forward folding’
2. front rolls suspensions by rubber segments (multiple life extension of bearing Cottage)
3. extra bearings protection against dirts entering
4. permanent elimination of crosskill roller spacing provided by springs


The E Series is a new type line of the STROM machines, which will be presented during 2010. It includes machines with width 8,10 and 12m equipped with innovations offered only by our company. They were developed jointly with the owners of machines Swifter SS / ST and Discland LM.

on our stand there was a lot to see

outdoor section of the exhibition – Wagon and Discland

Popularity of small machines is growing


Machines for smaller farmers also aroused great interest- seedbed cultivator Swifter SN 4000 and stubble plow SwifterDisc XN 3000. We started with the production of carried machine in 2009 to offer solution for smaller farms. After creating a good image in highwidth technologies, a move to smaller customers was logical result of our development. This step is after a year of market presence considered one of the best in the company’s history, although a number of carried machines is not yet complete – will be completed during 2010.


unique chisel plow TERRALAND TN

Silver Medal – Agricultural Magazine major awards


Interest in deep subsoiling, as compensation for tillage, is growing
Subsoiling is becoming more and more popular in the Czech Republic. Last year, we introduced 2 new machines designed for subsoiling. STROM ECOLAND EC with vertical Canadian lock allows to prepare soil to a depth up to 35 cm. On TECHAGRO, Ecoland was presented with a natural-rubber cylinder. After a long-term testing in 2009 it found many satisfied customers in many countries. Custom design and quality of work convinced first customers not only in CR. We believe that Ecoland will play in subsoiling category, a significant role.

The second machine in this category was chisel plow TERRALAND TN, which has no competition in our country. His working bodies allows the perfect soilpreparation to a depth of 65 cm. The machine is able to process a large quantity of harvest residues. He perfectly disrupts soil layer without obtaining “dead” layers to the surface. Excellent results were demonstrated after grain maizes in autumn and winter 2009.



A unique element of TERRALAND construction was awarded
Because the method of exchanging machine´s wear parts is one of the important parameters, our designers focused primarily on their maximum service life and easy operation. The result is a quick-change system in combination with double-sided chisels. Quick-change means that you replace or rotate the chisel in a minute. For this solution we have received the major awardmain prize of Agricultural Magazine called Silver Medal. This competition reflects the user´s benefits of the technical solution. In the picture below you can see receiving the awards to Managing Director Ladislav Bednář- for Agricultural Mahazine Vladimir Pícha and for professional public private farmer Petr Srb (Hospozín farm).


Modular system has shown its advantages
One of the most popular machines from our sortiment is among farmers seedbed cultivator Swifter. Swifter design allows work at speed up to 15 km / hr and exchange working sections (shares for gama pins).  News for 2009 is the disc section for this machine (=SwifterDisc). Thanks to this you can transform seedbed cultivator into stubble plow with a suspension of each disk. We call this system “Swifter concept”. During last year testing, 12 SwifterDiscs found their new happy owners. This year, thanks to the economic situation in agricultural, we expect sales increasing.



Rotary Cutters are the CR market leader for several years
Classics at our exposition was a bestseller Mulcher MZ 4500 with two types of knives – a type for corn and grass. This machine needs no introduction. Mulcher is the leader in this category for many years. 


Overall Techagro was very successful Techagro, indeed, like every year. Despite the unfavorable situation in the agriculture, many people found their way to see our machines and many of them bought machine directly there.

We hope that the Techagro brought You many good impressions and thank You for visiting our exposition.


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