SIMA 2015 – Two Years on the French Market for BEDNAR

In the last two years, BEDNAR has been strengthening its position in France, which is one of the most important agricultural technology markets. BEDNAR FMT officially entered the French market two years ago, at the 2013 SIMA Expo. SIMA 2015 was very different for BEDNAR to SIMA 2013 for many reasons. While in 2013 no-one in France knew who BEDNAR was and what machines they made, the situation is very different this year. The BEDNAR stand was visited by thousands of farmers and dealers who either own BEDNAR machines or offer them for sale.

BEDNAR in France

“This is where I started from scratch in 2013 – at SIMA in Paris. We built our stand, positioned our machines and I waited for the gates to open. I was familiar with BEDNAR machines and I knew we had a great chance to make it on the French market with the machines. After the first few days of the exhibition in 2013, I knew it was going to be perfect. It was very different this year as the stand was twice as big and I wasn’t on my own.  There were my colleagues and also sales representatives from the strong dealership network we have managed to establish over the last two years. Farmers and new dealers came to us knowing the names of our machines and knowing exactly what they wanted. I am very excited!” Damien Digard, the Area Manager for France, appraises the exhibition.

The entire French BEDNAR team was available to the customers during the exhibition (from the left:  Damien Digard – Area Manager for North France, Jan Bednář – Export Sales Manager, Yannick Barbaste – Area Manager for South France and Anthony Rambaud – Technical Support)

BEDNAR exhibition in Hall 5A over an area of 620 m2  with the ROW-MASTER cultivator and OMEGA OO sowing machine at the front.

Sugar Beet Machinery

The BEDNAR exhibition in Hall 5A withan area of 620 m2 offered visitors a whole range of interesting machines for small and large farmers. Because France is one of the sugar industry superpowers, there was a huge demand for the SWIFTER pre-sowing combinators, TERRALAND chisel ploughs and the new product in the BEDNAR product range the ROW-MASTER cultivators. BEDNAR did not only display its machines, but also shared the main idea of the BEDNAR technology,  deep cultivation.

The French farmers were extremely interested in the pre-sowing combinators. The displayed machine was equipped with an SB section with shares modified specifically for the preparation of the seedbed for sugar beet

Representatives of BEDNARs’ close business partners in France were also available for customers at the exhibition

OMEGA OO Received a Lot of Attention

The French farming public were also extremely interested in the OMEGA OO sowing machine, in particular the inter-row distance of 12.5 cm and the high down pressure of the sowing coulters,  up to 120 kg. The machines displayed in France also included the popular SWIFTERDISC XO_F and ATLAS HO disk cultivators. The FENIX FO and FENIX FN_L  universal cultivators equipped with new Long Life chisels.  “We defininately have something to offer to each and every farmer.  I think that our machines provide very good processing quality and also  added value, which is crucial…” Damien Digard, Area Manager, evaluating the machine portfolio.

Universal cultivator FENIX FO with new Long Life chisels

OMEGA sowing machines created great interest in particular because of the possibility to sow at 12.5 cm and to the high down pressure of the sowing coulters (up to 120 kg)


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