Rimex Technologies Jsc. held an impressive field presentation of agricultural machinery with a focus on BEDNAR machinery in North Bulgaria, near the town of Kneja. The event took place on fields managed by grain producer Hristo Belichovski, which handles about 80,000 acres of farmland.

The method of working with the latest technology in tillage, sowing and plant protection, grabbed the attention of about 50 farmers and mechanics from the region who attended the field test. The main focus of the event was to show the complete range of Bednar machines, which Rimex represents as the official importer for Bulgaria.

“Each farmer is looking for new technologies, which are going to optimize costs on the farm and to increase the yield. At this field demo all the farmers have seen very innovative products and solutions. I am most impressed by the  Bednar Omega seed drill  and the Atlas disc harrow , which allows the use of smaller h.p. tractors but keeping great productivity,” said Hristo Belchovski.

“We are continuing our field demos in the country and here in Kneja we showed all the products from the czech producer Bednar, for which we are the official distributor. We are today showing soil farm equipment in muddy conditions, but the machines are continuing with good productivity. These are combined machines, which allows several operations at once. Something very important here is that we can aggregate Bednar machines to small h.p. range tractors as well. Another important advantage is that Bednar machines are more competitve on the base of price-quality compared to other farm machinery brands.” 

Despite the rainy weather, grain producers saw excellent work on machines that did not allow clogging with mud and worked effectively without impeding the tractors to which they were aggregated. The basic concept in Bednar is carrying out many agricultural operations in one pass, and attachment to tractors with lower power than other brands attachments.
The visitors to the event saw 7 different Bednar machines at work: The Omega OO 6000 seed drill, Terraland DO 4000 combined chisel plough, Fenix FO 4000 cultivator in combination with a Ferti-Box hopper, Atlas HO 6000 heavy disc harrow, SwifterDisc XO 6000 F disc harrow and Mulcher MZ 6000 rotary cutter.



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