Revolution in the preparation of the soil in the rapeseed sowing

Rimex Technologies presented to the farmers an innovative technology for soil preparation and seeding.

Rimex Technologies showed its revolutionary approach again with a presentation of an innovative agricultural technology. The demonstration was a part of the platform “Together in Agriculture” which was carried out on the land of Pris-BorislavGoranov company in Knezha (a town in Northern Bulgaria) together with Euralis Semences, BASF and YARA.

The focus during the event was the rape seed technology. The crop remains on the field for about 10 months and right after its harvesting the field preparation for the next season is starting. Since the time is limited and the soil-climatic conditions are often unfavorable, the machines have to meet all the farmers’ requirements. The BEDNAR machines do a really good job in dealing with the challenges concerning climate, resources and other factors.

Eng. Plamen Petkov, sales representative for Rimex Technologies

Fenix is a machine which can import fertilizer during work thanks to the aggregated Ferti-Box system. The Ferti-Box system or the system for importing of solid fertilizer can be aggregated to all BEDNAR machines. There is a possibility for a front fitting, rear fitting and a fitting on the machine itself in order to fully cover the range of machines that BEDNAR offers”.

The best way to deliver the fertilizer in the soil profile is in a combination of Ferti-Box and Fenix FO.

Eng. Plamen Petkov, sales representative for Rimex Technologies

“In the stubble cultivator there is a possibility for tines equipment which serve for soil treatment, we can prepare it only for soil aeration; we can do it in the combination that we need at the moment. The tines distance may be half way excluded. That in a combination with Ferti-Box can allow the sowing itself to become in the same rows in which the fertilizer is put in the optimal depth. This is an unique decision that is innovative for the Bulgarian market and that is why we want to offer it to the Bulgarian farmers, by putting accent exactly on it”.

After the careful soil preparation it is time for sowing. How can we achieve a quality sowing? The answer is easy, with BEDNAR Omega OO. This is a seed drill that allows an universal sowing after any kind of cultivation while perfectly tracking the land in order to obtain the quality you need.

Eng. Plamen Petkov, sales representative for Rimex Technologies

“The hopper can be divided in two – the first part will be used for seeds, and the other for fertilizers. And here the fertilizers in the machines are very important. This is projected in the conception of the BEDNAR machines. The frame is extremely robust; the discs in the front part for preparation of the seedbed are again two types depending on the farmers’ needs. They can be spherical discs or aggressive discs for a better soil mixing”.

Within the framework of the event, seedbed cultivators from Swifter family were presented, in which the consistency of the working sections is selected in a way that the soil preparation will be executed without humidity loss.

Eng. Plamen Petkov, sales representative for Rimex Technologies

The Swifter cultivators also have their advantages. They can be equipped with three types of tines which again depend on the requirements and desires of the farmer. The rollers in the front and in the back side of the machine are also several types – for heavier types of soil, for lighter soils or for very wet conditions. There are many possibilities. BEDNAR machines are created in a way that allows them to work in very unfavorable conditions. So buying that kind of machine is absolutely worth it”.

Atlas HO is a heavy disc cultivator with big discs with diameter 620 mm which is suitable for treatment of stubbles with a great quantity of plant remains; SwifterDisc XO which is known for its fast working speed and high quality, Terraland DO and TN which main advantage is the deep loosening of the soil layer as well as the uniform mixing and plants’ dispensation in the soil profile.

During the field test the newest ER.MO and FarmGEM machines were presented and with which Rimex Technologies has official partnership for Bulgarian market.

Eng. Plamen Petkov, sales representative for Rimex Technologies

“Our machines features contribute for a good cultivation, higher yield; the quality of the seeds, fertilizers and chemicals are also high level and quality. The whole combination determines in the very beginning the farmer’s higher results. That is why we wanted to be a part of this event handled under the slogan “Together in Agriculture” as to be together in agriculture means to achieve higher results”.

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