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Record number of visitors at Okra Show, Finland

The agricultural exhibition at Oripää airfield started off in the 1980 as auction of used agricultural machinery. In 1982, for the first time, agricultural machines and equipment were introduced.  Approximately 2,000 people visited the site.

This year on single Saturday, July 7, 26,200 visitors attended OKRA Agricultural Show, which is a new daily visitor record. During a total of four days, 81,050 guests visited Okra. To date, every new show set a new visitor record.

There were more than 550 stands in the Okra Oripää airport covering 23 hectares, where hundreds of companies were represented.

The exhibitors have been happy with the sale,” says Jukka Isotalo, exhibition manager.

Juha-Pekka Toukola of AgriToukola Machinery Oy, sole BEDNAR importer in Finland, confirms too: “We will have to follow up a lot of inquiries that we received during the show. Omega drill and Fenix tine cultivators were biggest attractors from Bednar machines.

Total of four BEDNAR machines were displayed on AgriToukola Machinery’s stand: drill OMEGA OO 6000 FERTI, disc harrow SWIFTERDISC XO 6000 F, tine cultivator FENIX FO 5000 L and rotary cutter MULCHER MZ 6000.


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