Precision Farming as Major Topic of the 6th Event

The main topic of the 6th event was precision farming, which was largely discussed during the last demonstration of the morning programme. “Precision farming was a logical decision when preparing the programme of the Field Day. We consider better efficiency in farming to be an obvious goal. Our machines belong in the precision systems,” David Ryčl, Sales Manager for the Czech Republic and Poland, explained.

John Deere 6215R with a StarFire 6000 receiver in the AutoTrac system in combination with the FENIX FN 3000L inter-row cultivator and the Ferti-Box FB 2000F front fertiliser hopper

A commented demonstration of a mounted cultivator with a front fertiliser hopper

To demonstrate precision farming systems, we selected a John Deere 6215R with a StarFire 6000 receiver in the AutoTrac system, in combination with a 3-metre inter-row cultivator, FENIX FN 3000L, and a front fertiliser hopper with a capacity of 2,000L, Ferti-Box FB 2000F. Hopper batching is controlled via ISOBUS. The same set was demonstrated in the autonomous practical demonstration in the morning – controlled via a satellite signal without any intervention from the operator.

Remote-controlled Precision Systems in Action

“The whole system starts with soil analyses of nutrients. Based on the found substance values, different plots are established for application passes. The individual plots are then assigned a target condition, which determines the amount of batched fertiliser. The tractor control system then signals the size of the batch to the hopper. The applied batch is regulated according to the speed of the revolutions of the batching roller. Using a smart phone or a tablet, the manager or company owner can monitor various functions and location of the set, even remotely,” says Jiří Ptáčník, Product Manager for AMS Precision Systems in STROM PRAHA.

The mounted cultivator with a front fertiliser hopper was a new product and a demonstration of the possibilities of BEDNAR technology. The cultivator was equipped with a distribution head and distributions to all shares. Application end pieces for fertiliser were mounted behind each tine, thanks to which up to 70% of the fertiliser reaches deeper in the soil profile. The rest then falls out onto the surface of the stubble field in front of the shares that incorporate it into the shallow soil layer.

Demonstration of STRIEGEL-PRO PE at work

SWITERDISC XE 12000 and fast-executed stubble cultivation is the foundation for controlled process of germination of the crop and weed residues after harvest

Afternoon Practical Machine Demonstrations

In spite of the previous rainy evening, the organisers decided to demonstrate the machines in the field. On Wednesday afternoon, the machines could show their features in heavy black soil.

The machines were presented in a technological sequence starting with post-harvest residue management, followed by machines for shallow and deep stubble cultivation, shallow and deep loosening, and seedbed preparation. The demonstrations were concluded with the OMEGA OO_L seed drill.

What You Need to Know about 2017 Field Day:

  • 2,098 people visited the event
  • BEDNAR presented 28 machines
  • The Field Day is a popular event with other agricultural exhibitors
  • Precision systems in farming was this year’s hot topic
  • Traditional presentation of new products and innovations
  • Practical machine demonstrations
  • BEDNAR is celebrating 20 years of existence

The visitors are watching practical demonstrations of BEDNAR machines

ROW-MASTER RN 6400 with rear FERTI-TANK with a capacity of 600L and Culti-Cam equipment for precise optical guiding in vegetation

BEDNAR would like to thank all the visitors, partner companies for lending already purchased machines, exhibitors and all others who have helped organise the event, with the record-breaking number of visitors.

The event took place under the auspices of the Minister of Agriculture, Marian Jurečka.

The general partners of the event were STROM PRAHA and JOHN DEERE.

The main partners were BEDNAR Farm Technology, Renomia Agro, Dupont, Zemědělská společnost Sloveč, and Profi Press.

Other partners included Yara, Kramer, Pronar, GSI, Petkus, John Deere Financial, Brigdestone, Chemie Star, Kingspan, Multibio, and SPZO.

A total of 2,098 visitors came to see the demonstrations of machines in a technological sequence

2017 BEDNAR Field Day by Městec Králové