PM-Pro introduced the Bednar range to the french farmers in Feuges

A Large french dealer in farm equipment, the company PM-Pro introduced 5.5. range of BEDNAR machines at their headquarters located in Feuges (Champagne Ardenne). During a windy spring day the most popular of the Bednar products were displayed by farmers who have already bought BEDNAR products in this region.

14 months of successfull cooperation

„We started our cooperation with PM-Pro only a few months ago. To begin with we started selling units of the short disc cultivator the  SwifterDisc which matched the needs of the farmers and showed their quality on the fields during the summer season of 2014. We then  made a deal with PM-Pro about expanding our cooperation. In the meantime PM-Pro have succeeded in selling practically all the models from our range. We are now preparing the third step which will mean the launching of our new seed drill the Omega, in the region of PM-Pro.“ said Damien Digard about the cooperation.

Modern new headquarters of PM-Pro in Feuges (Champagne Ardenne)

Discussion of managing directors Mr.Philippe Miguaise (on left, PM-Pro) and Mr.Ladislav Bednar (on right, BEDNAR FMT)

Modern machines in front of modern headquarters

Just in front of the modern headquarters of PM-Pro on prominent display are the disc cultivators, the SwifterDisc and Atlas, a large seedbed cultivator the Swifter SE, combined machine the Terraland DO and cultivator the Fenix and rotary cutter Mulcher. „I like to sell Bednar machines  because I know from farmers of their high quality and technical advantages with a strong agronomic background.“ Commented  Mr philippe Ricard (salesman).

Mr.Philippe Ricard ( on left) selling BEDNAR implements.

Ladislav Bednar, Jan Bednar with father and son who last yearbought a Terraland DO 4000

Jan Bednar with a french farmer who runs a Bednar SwifterDisc XN and Fenix FN_L

Mr.Damien Digard , sales manager of Bednar explaining products

Ing. Jan Bednář
Export Sales Manager


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