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At the end of april, sowing season starts in Canada. At Bles Seed Potatoes Ltd farm, which operates on 525 hectares of fields, they decided to use BEDNAR OMEGA OO 6000 with coulter section and adjustable working range. They are planting crops like wheat, barley, canola, peas, and lentils. The soil is black there; it is soft and contains a meaningful amount of sand particles.

Omega started its first Canadian hectares with peas, planting 200 kg per hectare. On fields processed by versatile cultivator the machine proved its merits: the field was flattened, soil clods broken, and places with straw processed.

The owner of the machine was surprised with its efficiency and speed which exceeded 7 hectares per hour. With just a 6 meter range the Omega planted more than a typical 12 meter range machine used in Canadian agriculture would. Thanks to good soil conditions, it was possible to work at 13 km/h with a 250 HP tractor. Comfort and efficiency were increased by using GPS.

The Bles farm has long experimented with technologies not typical for Canada. They are using increased depth of soil cultivation and planting with a combinated seeder; and they see a big difference in results. They believe that with Omega they will achieve better soil condition, use less chemicals and also the efficiency will go up. After 100 ha they were really satisfied with the machine and the effect of the disc section; the machine software also made a really good impression.



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